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A makeover show with a difference, Body Fixers are six experts who help people who have extreme, shocking and downright hilarious beauty and hair fails, in their one-stop pop-up beauty salon.

Body Fixers is the British show that originally aired on E4 in 2016. The premise is that six specialists open a pop-up beauty salon to fix problems for everyday people. As this is a tv show the issues range from quite serious to the ridiculous but nothing phases our experts.

Those experts are hairdressers Daniel Granger and Nathan Gooding, beauticians April DeAustin and Melissa Murphy, make-up artist Alex Henry and cosmetic doctor Tijion Esho. Between the six of them, they tackle extreme, shocking and downright hilarious beauty and hair fails.

There is a lot to like about Body Fixers. The experts come across as genuinely nice people. Even the most awful issues (infected toenails, extreme body hair) don't seem to phase them. No matter the problem they approach it with positivity and empathy. The transformations can range from minor to major and all but one or two of the customers leave completely happy.

The show moves along at a great speed with five or six clients coming into the salon in every episode. The clients appear to walk off the street however, they have applied to be on the show. The twist is that the fixers don't actually know who will walk through the door so they are as shocked and amazed by the issues as us at home.

The variety of problems that need to be fixed is mind-boggling but really interesting and the episodes whizz by. Basically the customer walks in, sits on the couch, and explains their issue. The fixers then decide what needs to be down and the client is taken downstairs for the treatment. There is then a reveal and we get to see the before and after. It's just all lovely, positive, and uplifting.

There's really nothing bad about Body Fixers except that some of the customers are a bit over the top. However, it's that mix of clients and problems that makes the show so compelling. If you love a good reality or makeover show like 100% Hotter, but better, then you really will love Body Fixers.


  • Really Great Experts
  • Excellent Mix Of Customers
  • Fast Paced


  • Some Issues Are Ridiculous
  • A Few Over The Top Customers


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