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A Dominatrix enlists the help of her best friend as her assistant in this quirky, very funny and engaging show. With really likeable characters, Bonding is a light-hearted show about the ups and downs of friendship and gets the definite thumbs up.

For a quirky short comedy, peppered with a bit of drama, check out Bonding. With just seven episodes and most running at only 15 minutes each, it's very easy to watch the entire first season in one sitting. And contrary to what you may think, the show isn't just about bondage. This is not 50 Shades!

What it is though is a story about two friends who struggle with themselves and each other. Tiff, played by Zoe Levin, is a Grad student studying Psychology and on the side is a dominatrix. She enlists the help of her gay best friend Pete who reluctantly becomes her assistant.

From the outset, it is clear that Tiff is guarded and a little unsociable. Pete is funny and outgoing but suffers from a serious lack of self-confidence. But with money tight and rent due, he agrees to help Tiff and only then discovers what she does for a living.

Through a series of hilarious encounters with clients, the duo push the boundaries of their jobs. In doing so, not only are the outcomes laugh-out-loud funny, but they start to learn a lot more about themselves. For Tiff, keeping her job a secret stops her from every fully engaging in a normal relationship. And despite being openly gay, Pete has never had a proper boyfriend.

Despite the premise of the show, Bonding is actually very light-hearted. Brendan Scannell, who plays Pete, is absolutely brilliant and a joy to watch. He is the funny yin to Tiff's very serious yang. The two characters are incredibly relatable and likable and you genuinely root for them as the show goes on. That's probably because as characters they are multi-faceted and thankfully not just one dimensional.

Overall Bonding is less about bondage and more about friendship. Engaging and refreshing it is well worth a watch.


  • Sharp comedy
  • Really likeable characters
  • Very engaging


  • Incredibly short


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