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The Silence of Lambs meets The Magnificent Seven in this gore-filled movie from first-time director S. Craig Zahler. The unsettling blend of genres may not be to everyone's taste, but Bone Tomahawk is a unique movie which bears all the hallmarks of a cult classic.

Kurt Russell stars as Sheriff Hunt in this Western/Horror movie written and directed by S. Craig Zahler. The movie was shot in just 21 days on a budget of $1.8 million. Despite the obvious limitations of time and money, director S. Craig Zahler has delivered a truly scary movie. Horror fans will enjoy the uncompromising gore, western fans will appreciate the tight dialog and atmospheric Old West scenery.

The movie is set in the 1890's and the premise centres around two drifters, Purvis, played by David Arquette and Buddy played by Sid Haig, who are making a living robbing and killing travellers. Spooked by the sound of approaching horses, they hide in the hills and encounter a Native American burial site.

Buddy is killed by an arrow, and Purvis escapes heading to a town ironically called Bright Hope. Murder ensues and Sheriff Franklin Hunt (Kurt Russell) must now lead a ragtag posse of cowboys to rescue towns folk from the clutches of a deranged tribe of Troglodytes who they believe are responsible for the murders. These cave dwellers have developed a taste for human flesh and in one particularly disturbing scene they fillet a cowboy like a chicken breast.

The majority of the film feels like a traditional western, but when it gets going, it gets very gory, very quickly. This is not a film for the fainthearted. The final 45 minutes of the movie is a heart-thumping mixture of horror and tension.

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Bone Tomahawk does a great job of shaking up two stale genres, and has a really high positive rating on both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic so if you can stomach the gore and guts you’ll find a unique movie which has all the hallmarks of a future cult classic.

Update: Unfortunately, Bone Tomahawk is no longer available on Netflix. You can rent it on Amazon but it is not included with the Prime subscription.



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  • Great Script
  • Tense
  • Kurt Russell


  • 15 Mins Too Long
  • Too Gory At Times


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