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Erika Vu is a high school senior who decides to live life to the max but when she accidentally dies and becomes a ghost her world gets turned upside down in Boo, Bitch, a comedy series starring Lana Condor.

Get ready to see Lana Condor at her comedic best. The sweet Lara Jean Covey has been replaced by Erika Vu and her world is about to change in the most spectacular way in Boo, Bitch.

Erika is a high school senior, who's lived her life safely under the radar.

In her final weeks of high school, she realises that nobody even knows her name.

That's largely due to popular mean girl Riley (Aparna Brielle), who has constantly dissed and undermined Erika (Lana Condor) throughout school.

When her best friend Gia (Zoe Margaret Colletti) convinces Erika to go to a big high school party one night, she seizes the opportunity to change her narrative and start living an epic life.

There's just one small problem. The next morning, when the hungover Gia and Erika retrace their steps to find Erika's missing necklace she gets hit by a truck.

Does she survive? Of course not. Instead, Erika becomes a ghost. A walking, talking ghost that everybody can see and speak to.

The idea is that ghosts stay if they have unfinished business in the real world. But there is a loophole.

If she becomes more famous in death than in life, Erika can stick around permanently.

So can Erika finally start living an epic life or should that be an epic death?

Is Boo, Bitch Worth Watching?

It's great to see Lana Condor, the star of the To All the Boys I've Loved Before franchise return to Netflix.

Thankfully it's in a really funny, well-written and sharp comedy series that she is also an executive producer on.

It's probably aimed at teens, as it is set in the social media world of high school but don't let that stop you from watching it.

It's a comedy about desperately trying to live your best life and it will keep you entertained for hours.

Boo, Bitch Official Trailer

Boo, Bitch Release Date

Boo, Bitch is a Netflix an upcoming series consisting of eight episodes.

The premiere date of the comedy series has been announced and it will be released on the streaming platform on July 8th 2022.

Boo, Bitch is a comedy miniseries brought to life by co-creators Tim Schauer, Kuba Soltysiak, Erin Ehrlich (Crazy Ex Girlfriend) and Lauren Iungerich.

Ehrlich and Iungerich also executive produce alongside Lana Condor, Jonathon Komack Martin, Blake Goza, and Jamie Dooner.

Boo, Bitch Cast

Lana Condor as Erika, a high school senior who becomes a ghost

Zoe Margaret Colletti as Gia

Mason Versaw as Jake C.

Aparna Brielle as Riley

Tenzing Norgay Trainor as Gavin

Jason Genao as Devon

Reid Miller as Brad


  • Great To See Lana Condor In A Comedic Role
  • Funny Premise For A Show
  • Witty And Sharp Script


  • Stereotypical Teenagers We've Seen On Screen For Decades
  • Verging On Being Really Daft


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