Boss Baby: Back In Business

Boss Baby: Back In Business

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Fans of the Boss Baby can get another fix of this cute but ruthless infant in his new Netflix series: Boss Baby - Back In Business.

Theodore (Boss Baby) is back in the new Netflix series based on the successful movie. The original movie played on the battle between puppies and babies for the affections of grown-ups. Theodore Templeton, our lovable cute baby was tasked with the mission of stopping Puppies moving in on the Babies turf.

With two seasons now available on Netflix, each has a different theme. For Season 1 it's those dastardly cats who are winning the cuteness competition. When a stray kitten turns up at the home of the Boss Baby this naturally leads to crazy capers and lots of laughs. With Theodore running riot, it's up to his big brother Tim to rescue the situation.

Season 2 of Boss Baby sees the gang of babies coming face-to-face with their biggest adversaries – the pensioners! When their grandmother comes to babysit the boys, they soon find themselves in a turf war at the library. Their behavior soon sees them banned from the place the love and the game is on. Over the 13 episodes, the babies must rally and plot their way back into the affections of their parents. But can they come to a truce with the Consortium of Ancients?

Similar to Angry Birds, this is an enjoyable animated series and you'll be laughing along with the kids at the toilet based humour. Each episode is only about 20 minutes long and there more than enough to keep young ones entertained. Especially, If they liked the original full-length movie.

JP Karliak voices Boss Baby and sounds remarkably like Alec Baldwin from the movie. And while the series may not have the big film names, the whole show still transitions seamlessly from movie to tv. The big question now is whether there will be a Season 3 on Netflix? No word yet but we will keep you posted!


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