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When you've invented a great product you need to sell it. Buy It Now gives inventors the chance to pitch in front of 100 shoppers and potentially sell thousands of their products to mega buyers. Very entertaining show with great ideas.

Buy It Now is originally a British TV show that aired on Channel 4 in 2018. The premise of the show is very simple. People from all over the UK have invented products that they believe the general public would love to buy. So they are given an opportunity to showcase their product and potentially sell it to some mega buyers.

This may sound very similar to Dragon's Den or Shark Tank but the shows are actually quite different. Nobody is looking for investment or selling a stake in their company. The product is made, it just needs to get sold.

So the inventor goes on stage and is given 90 seconds to talk about their product in front of an audience of 100 shoppers. Those shoppers are made up of a cross-section of society and vary in age, gender, race etc… Each customer has a light and if they are keen, they turn it green. At the end of the 90 seconds the host, Brian Conley, goes into the audience to take questions about the product. At this stage, more people can turn their light green.

Once the questions are over, the product inventor tells them the retail price and if this puts the customers off they can turn their light off. As long as the inventor has at least one green light on when the time is up, they get to pitch to the buyers.

The buyers represent companies such as JML, Firebox, Clas Ohlson etc…and if they love the product, they But It Now by putting in an immediate order. Some inventors sell nothing, others sell thousands, it really just depends on the product and how useful it is.

There's very little to not like about Buy It Now. The shows are only about 22 minutes long and have three or four inventors on each. The episodes whizz by and some of the products are incredible. I genuinely even went online and bought two of them. That's the power of tv and Netflix!


  • Very Fast Paced
  • Great Range Of New Products
  • Rooting For The Inventors


  • Some Inventors Can't Pitch Very Well


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