Can You Keep A Secret?

Can You Keep A Secret?

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When downtrodden Emma confesses all to a stranger on a plane, the last thing she expects is that he will walk into her office and turn out to be her boss. Can You Keep A Secret is a sweet rom-com if a little low on the production value.

Looking for a fun romcom? Then Can You Keep A Secret? is a great choice. Of course, that's on the basis that you like your romcoms cheesy and predictable. Then again, is there any other kind?

Emma Corrigan is in a relationship, a very boring relationship, and life is just plodding along. She has a good job but doesn't get enough credit, good flatmates and overall life is simply okay. Following a presentation that goes disastrously wrong, and feeling a little sorry for herself, she finds herself sitting next to a stranger on the flight home. When the plane hits turbulence and the passengers think the plane will crash she starts to spill her guts to the guy beside her.

Everything pours out. Her crappy relationship, her terrible track record at work – you get the idea. Turns out the place does not crash and Emma is left just a teeny bit embarrassed by the full disclosure of all her secrets. The only upside is that she'll never see the guy again so no real harm done.

Back at work, and the head boss, Jack Harper, is due to come to the office. Having never met him as he took a step back from the business, Emma gets the shock of her life when in walks the guy from the plane. In a nutshell, that's the set up for the movie.

And it is reasonably good. Can You Keep A Secret? is definitely more realistic than some romcoms out there. Not as good as Plus One but there's plenty of comedy moments and Alexandra Daddario (When We First Met) plays Emma really well. There's solid chemistry with Tyler Hoechlin (Jack Harper) and Laverne Cox is great as the office manager.

Of course, the plot is forced, it's a romcom. And it's all wrapped up in a lovely neat bow – again, it's a romcom. Could it have been better – definitely yes. The production value is quite low and while Emma is supposed to be downtrodden, she could still have brushed her hair occasionally! And, if you've read the book it's based on you may very well be disappointed. But all that said it's a sweet feel-good movie that's perfect for a night in with the vino.


  • Quirky Movie
  • Funny In Parts
  • Enjoyable If You haven't Read The Book


  • Not True To The Book
  • Low Production Value
  • The Plot Is A Little Forced


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