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You don't have to be a Jonas Brothers fan to enjoy Chasing Happiness. It is an honest and insightful look at the relationship between the brothers on their rise to fame and what led to their break-up. With plenty of very personal interviews and footage, it is well worth watching.

Chasing Happiness is the fly on the wall documentary that follows the Jonas Brothers through 2018. Now, I confess that I know very little about the Jonas Brothers. And until the song ‘Sucker For You‘ was released, I probably couldn't have named a single record from them prior to that. So I went into this documentary with an open mind.

And it turns out that it really is very, very good. It is an incredibly personal look at the lives of the three brothers, through their rise to fame to their initial break-up. The sons of a church pastor, they had a relatively normal upbringing. Nick was the first to take to the stage when he was cast in Les Miserables. Joe, being slightly jealous of the attention his brother was getting, soon followed in his footsteps.

From there they put a family band together and were signed by Sony. But the style of their music didn't gel well with the church congregation and their father was forced out, rendered unemployed. That also meant the family lost their home. And to add insult to injury, the boys were then dropped from their label.

With the pressure well and truly on, they continued to work and tour, if only to try and help out with the bills. And boy, did they work! Every hour of the day it seems until Disney came calling. They not only signed them but cast them in Camp Rock in 2008. And that's when the Jonas Brothers phenomenon really started.

There is plenty to like about Chasing Happiness. It is raw and honest in its approach and doesn't gloss over the relationship between Joe, Nick, and Kevin. In fact, there are plenty of times when you feel incredibly sorry for them. Like when Kevin admits that every day he is asked if he is Joe or Nick. Every day. Ouch!

We know they are back together but the journey that got them there is fascinating. Chasing Happiness is insightful and interesting and you don't have to be a Jonas Brothers fan to appreciate the family dynamic or the hard work that got them to where they are today. Well worth a watch Because really, they seem like a decent bunch of lads.

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  • Honest and Insightful
  • Great Interviews
  • Fascinating Story


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