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Izzy has parents who borderline neglect her so when she gets stuck at school in a blizzard, of course, they forget to pick her up. But while waiting in school three thieves break in taking the janitor hostage, leaving Izzy to save the day. Awful awful, awful Christmas movie.

Having just watched and reviewed one of the absolute best Christmas movies in Klaus, I now find myself writing about one of the worst. What on earth were they thinking when they made Christmas Break-In? Seriously, who funded this??? Just in case you're still interested, I will continue…

It's close to Christmas and nine-year-old Izzy (Cameron Seely) is desperate to get a new guitar. Her parents have promised to take her after school if they can be bothered. You see, Izzy's parents are ridiculously consumed with their very busy jobs, to the extent that they borderline neglect their two children. So off Izzy goes to school where she spends quite a lot of time with Ray the Janitor (Danny Glover) who teaches her the guitar. Then a blizzard hits, the school closes early and all parents must come and get their kids. All except Izzy's. We've already established that they are not the most reliable people.

At the same time, a group of three idiots have robbed the local Salvation Army charity shop. So stupid are they, that instead of driving south to the Mexican border, they drive North and end up caught in the blizzard. Seeing the school and assuming it is empty, they decide to hold up there until the bad weather passes. It's not particularly warm in the ice-cream truck they're driving. I told you this movie was awful!

By now, Ray has realised that Izzy is on her own in the school and goes back to get her. He then gets kidnapped by the thieves who don't know Izzy is still there. All the while the idiot parents have crashed their car, and are attempting to get to the school by other means. That includes trying to rob a snow ski, which they also crash. I told you they're idiots.

Of course, this is primarily a kid's Christmas movie so everything works out in the end. Christmas Break-In is basically Home Alone with a girl in a school. Sadly, it doesn't have any of the same comic genius, decent script or plot as it's predecessor. To the woman on IMDB who gave it two reviews, both with 10 stars – what were you thinking????


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