A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

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The sequel to A Christmas Prince, The Royal Wedding picks up one year on as Amber and Richard prepare for their upcoming wedding. It should have been good, but it's not. Ridiculous plot and overall a big disappointment. There are better festive movies to watch.

You don't have to have watched A Christmas Prince to get into the story of its sequel, The Royal Wedding, but it helps. If you're unsure then check out our review of the movie here! Briefly, Amber Moore had to head to Aldovia for a Royal family press conference. She ultimately met Prince Richard, helped him secure the crown and they fell in love.

A proposal soon followed and so too did the sequel. Very much in love the couple are prepping for their upcoming nuptials. But, as you may have already guessed, all does not go to plan. Amber, played by Rose McIver from iZombie, is inundated with stupid ideas from the wedding planner, played by Raj Bajaj.

King Richard, played by Ben Lamb, is nowhere to be seen as he tackles a national economic disaster. His dodgy cousin has re-surfaced and nobody is quite sure if he plans to help or hinder. And with interfering relatives and outlandish plans, it looks like the wedding may not even go ahead.

I really enjoyed the first movie. I was even mildly excited about the release of the second one. But sadly, this is an utter fail. There is so much wrong with it that it's hard to know where to even begin. Let's start with the economic disaster. Supposedly a plan to reinvest money back into the country, except it is haemorrhaging money. Companies are closing down, there is mass unemployment and the country has gone on strike days before Christmas. And it would seem it is all King Richard's fault. Because that's how national economies work I guess?!?

Amber's suggestions get dismissed out of hand so she decides to sneakily investigate herself. Because that's what future Queen's do?!? With the aid of of Princess Emily, who is apparently a terrific hacker, they uncover the truth behind the failing economy. And all while fending off the ludicrous wedding ideas being forced on her.

I know that Christmas movies are the ultimate cheese fest but SPOILER ALERT this is tripe. So much more could have been done with this film. Instead it's as deep as puddle and over-the-top ridiculous. The character cliches had me hurling things at the tv. And what was with her hair? I know she's supposed to be down-to-earth blah blah blah. But surely some grooming would have been ok??

All that said, I know that if you liked the first one, like me, you will want to watch the second one. Trust me – don't! I hope King Richard and Queen Amber ride off in a sleigh and live happily ever after and they do. Then they go on to have a baby in, you guessed it, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. God help us all.


  • Some Funny Moments


  • Ridiculous Plot
  • Annoying
  • Not As Good As The First Film


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