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Christmas Wedding Planner

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This may be the worst film ever made. Kelsey is making her debut as a planner for her cousin's wedding. When Conor, the ex returns the plans go haywire as he tries to find dirt on the soon-to-be hubbie. Of course he also falls in love with Kelsey. It is utter nonsense. SWERVE!

I'm not usually one for spoiler alerts but SPOILER ALERT. Christmas Wedding Planner is the greatest load of nonsense ever made. It's not just the worst Christmas movie I've ever had to watch. I think it might actually be the worst film ever made. Seriously. Read my review and do yourself a favour. Don't ever waste your time watching it!

What, I hear you say, is so bad about it? The answer is everything. The Christmas Wedding Planner in question is Kelsey Wilson, played by Jocelyn Hudon. Raised by her very wealthy aunt following her mother's death, her first wedding to plan will be her cousin's, Emily. Following the arrival of Emily's ex boyfriend, Conor, the lavish plans start to go wrong. Conor is a P.I. and has been hired to look into Emily's future husband. You know, as you do. Needing some inside help, Conor asks Kelsey to help him out.

The two spend the next few days following Todd (the smarmy hubbie-to-be) and finding nothing hidden in his closet, the wedding looks like it's going ahead. In the mean time, Conor and Kelsey have obviously fallen for each other – even though it's her cousin's ex ugh! Not keen on Conor, Kelsey's aunt gives her proof that Conor took a payoff to leave Emily all those years ago.

They fight, they make-up, they fight again….you know how it goes. Then comes the wedding day. And of course the evidence that Todd really is a dirtbag. A dash to the church ensues where the announcement that he got a maid pregnant is revealed. With the wedding now off and Kelsey and Conor back on good terms, he declares his undying love and proposes. I should point out they know each other about 8 days at this point.

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She says yes. Quel surprise! And instead of being a half decent human being and comforting her cousin who has just had her wedding day ripped to pieces, Kelsey and Conor actually get married right then and there. With her cousin still stood at the alter in her own wedding dress – as bridesmaid. Ahahahahaha.

It's so bad it's hysterically funny that anybody on this planet thought it was worthy of being made. And I love a good Hallmark movie but, like My Favorite Wedding, this was just too awful. Good luck if you still want to watch it. Me? I'll be off watching The Christmas Chronicles again….


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  1. I loved Christmas Wedding planner. Everybody to their own opinion


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