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Clara Garrison works in a mountain inn but her life gets turned upside down when a new celebrity chef comes to work there. Will the two find true love at Christmas? Honestly, who cares? Schmaltzy boring cheese-fest with terrible acting.

If you love uber cheesy Christmas movies that are created in snow-covered mountains with cute inns and beautiful people who fall in love, then Christmas With A View will be right up your street. Actually I've probably just described the entire movie. But just in case you need a bit more information here goes…

Clara Garrison (Kaitlyn Leeb) works in a popular restaurant, set in the mountains near her home town. (I should point out here that she is young, beautiful and single – all the necessary components to be a Christmas movie lead character.) So, to generate a bit more business, the manager, Hugh, hires a celebrity chef called Shane. Shane has just won a fancy tv competition but doesn't like the limelight. So he takes the job but also has an ulterior motive. It's very sappy and about finding a place his now-deceased parents honeymooned when they were young. Anyway, I digress.

Clara and Shane hit it off straight away but a little slip about kissing a celeb and suddenly Shane is putting the brakes on things. Of course, Clara doesn't like him just for that (though I'm sure it helps). By the time Shane (Scott Cavalheiro) figures that out, it's too late. But as if that wasn't enough to keep you absolutely glued to the screen (joking), there's a sub-plot!

Hugh has his eyes fixed on another local inn. Using Clara's friendship with the owners, he cunningly puts a plan together to buy it. Clara thinks it's to add to a portfolio, but wait…is Hugh tricking her???? Of course, he is! He wants to turn it into a parking lot – pause for dramatic shock and awe – but Shane finds out and stops the plans. Swoon for the hero.

And if all of that wasn't dramatic enough Shane has only gone and, SPOILER ALERT, bought it for Clara!! There's a big kissing scene, declarations of true love yada yada yada. It's all very sweet and just a teeny bit terrifying when you realise they know each other for about three weeks… Still, isn't that the point of a Christmas film?

So to wrap it up, Christmas With A View is the exact same as all the other churned out Chrimbo movies but that won't stop you enjoying it. Watch Let It Snow instead!


  • It's A Christmas Movie


  • Terrible Acting
  • Terrible Script
  • Boring


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