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Ever wondered what it takes to run a farm? Wonder no more as Jeremy Clarkson decides to do just that in Clarkson's Farm. Highly entertaining and eye-opening in equal measures as weather, red tape and deadlines wreak havoc on the team.

If you don't know who Jeremy Clarkson is, just check out the early days of the hit BBC show Top Gear or more recently his exploits on The Grand Tour, an Amazon exclusive.

Basically, he is known for his love of cars and his sardonic sense of humour. But more recently Clarkson has turned his hand in another direction entirely.

Swapping out the pristine leather of supercars for the rugged interior of a tractor, Clarkson embarks on a journey of farming his own piece of land.

This series is not just a chronicle of farming challenges. It is an insightful, often funny, and at times poignant exploration of rural life, that showcases those who work the land.

What is Clarkson's Farm About?

Having purchased a 1000 acre farm in Chipping Norton, in the Cotswolds years and years ago, it turns out that the farm manager has decided to retire.

Not wanting to sell the farm Jeremy decides to take over the farm himself. The catch is that he has zero experience in farming. None whatsoever. He doesn't know a tractor from a trailer or barley from wheat.

So armed with an Amazon tv crew, Jeremy ropes in the help of Charlie Ireland. A land agent, Charlie's job is to advise on when to plant and harvest crops, and how to budget for the farming year.

However, advice is all well and good but when Clarkson realises he can't even work the machinery he turns to Kaleb.

Kaleb is a 21-year-old tractor driver who used to work on the farm and very quickly he becomes Clarkson's right-hand man. Between them, they charter the ups and downs of Clarkson's Farm over a period of one year.

From cultivating and sowing, to raising lambs, bees, opening a farm shop, navigating disastrous weather and a pandemic, the small team do their best to keep things ticking over. And it makes for brilliant tv.

Clarkson's Farm Official Trailer

Is Clarkson's Farm Worth Watching?

Honestly, I know nothing about farming but the joy and despair as things go right and wrong for Clarkson is quite an eye-opener.

Kaleb is definitely the star of the show with his no-nonsense approach. His inability to deal with Jeremy's incompetence is hilarious and it's all tempered by the more serious Charlie, whose knowledge of farming is simply incredible.

On a more serious side, Clarkson's Farm really hits home when it comes to highlighting just how much work goes into farming and sustainable agriculture with little or no financial reward.

It is television gold and this reviewer is hoping for many more seasons as Jeremy changes the industry one episode at a time.

How Many Seasons Of Clarkson's Farm?

To date there have been two seasons of Clarkson's Farm but the really good news is that a third season is on the way.

The first season introduced Jeremy to the world of farming but with little knowledge on the industry he relied heavily on the likes of Kaleb and Charlie to help him manage it.

But what it also did was highlight the sheer ludicrous amount of red tape that farmer's in the UK face.

It was a massive success and season 2 was commissioned. However, farming is a seasonal industry so the episodes didn't drop until 2023.

The gap between seasons didn't stop Clarkson's Farm from becoming the most-watched original series on Amazon in the UK.

In October 2022, Amazon Prime Video renewed it for a third series which will air in 2024.

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  • Great Blend Of Personalities
  • Highlights Serious Struggles With Farming
  • Equally Entertaining And Informative


  • Clarkson Does Some Really Stupid Things


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