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It's all action as close protection office Sam must save her client, the heiress Zoe Tanner, from being kidnapped in Morocco. But when you can't trust your family or the police how do get out alive when everybody seemingly wants to see you dead. Plenty of action but falls short on the storyline and plot.

Close is the highly anticipated movie from Netflix. Starring Noomi Rapace (The Trip and Black Crab), it follows the exploits of a bodyguard trying to save her charge. The bodyguard in question is Sam and she is highly experienced as evidenced in the opening scenes. We then switch to the life of heiress Zoe Tanner. Her father has just died and unexpectedly left her the controlling shares of Hassine Mining. Hassine Mining is a Moroccan conglomerate that was founded by her stepmother's family. As you can imagine she is not too pleased that her stepdaughter now controls the business.

When her former bodyguard gets the sack for sleeping with Zoe, her stepmother, Rima (played by Indira Varma, Paranoid), insists that the next Close Protection Officer be a woman. Which is where Sam enters the picture. Her job is to accompany her on the trip to their fortified home outside of Casablanca, Morrocco. Once there, she will get her fee and the job will be over. Except that things take a turn when the security at the home is compromised and Sam has to escape with Zoe.

They quickly realise that the police are not on their side and once again must go on the run. But when an officer is killed in the process, things become altogether more difficult for the duo. All of this takes place on the eve that a massive contract, to control phosphate mining in North Africa, is supposed to be signed. Hassine Mining is trying to outbid rivals Sikong and Zoe's antics are really screwing things up.

Rima, more concerned about the potential collapse of the deal than the potential kidnapping of her step daughter, leaves Zoe with nobody to turn to except Sam. Sam, for her part, is a total badass. There is no fight that this woman can't seemingly win. But as the net tightens in the prospect of Sam and Zoe getting out alive gets even smaller.

Who is behind the kidnapping plot? Who really wants Zoe dead? The questions do get answered in Close which is good. At least you're not left hanging. And there is plenty of action. Lots and lots of action. However, there is almost no real substance to the film. Attempted kidnap. Fight. Escape. Attempted kidnap. Fight. Escape. And so it goes. Then it's the end.

There are some very obvious plot holes and no real follow-through at the end. And while it was great to see Noomi Rapace really kick some ass, her actual character was a bit cold and one dimensional. Then again maybe being detached is what makes her such a great bodyguard!


  • Noomi Rapace
  • Great Fight Scenes


  • Ending Was Abrupt
  • Lots Of Plot Holes


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