Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

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Comic Jerry Seinfeld is the host of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, a show that features vintage cars, funny conversations with various comedians and a lot of caffeine. There is nothing else to this show and it lacks any real substance. And it's not actually that funny!

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is exactly what it says on the tin – Jerry Seinfeld drives around with various comedians in his car and they get coffee. And honestly don't believe the hype. As somebody who likes a good laugh I couldn't have been more excited when this came out. Seinfeld was meeting up with comedy legends like Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin, Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais in a relaxed friendly atmosphere so I was full sure I was in for a treat. I wasn't.

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The episodes are outrageously short – some are over in 14 minutes!! And half of that is Seinfeld fawning over whichever is the latest cool car he gets to drive, in fact I would go so far as to say that sometimes you see more car than comedian. Following on from being underwhelmed by the spec of the motor, we eventually get to see the celeb in the car and they drive off to whichever quirky cool diner that has been chosen and cue the montage of watching coffee beans being ground and cups being stirred – this happens at least three times in EVERY single episode. We get it Jerry, you're going for coffee!

And as for the comedians in the cars, they're funny and charming and happy to tell a quippy anecdote about how the two of them met and crack a witty one-liner but there is absolutely no substance what so ever to this show. I cannot understand how they managed to whittle down hours and hours of recordings into mere minutes, nearly all of which is at the expense of any conversation the guest may have had. There are waaaaaay funnier programmes on Netflix and some outstanding stand-up specials that you could watch instead. I really did try to give this a fair shout. I watched about 12 episodes but when Chris Rock came out with the exact same repertoire that he used in his latest tour (I was there), then I figured this was just a joke. And not a funny one.


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