Conan Without Borders

Conan Without Borders

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Late night TV legend Conan O'Brien's travels the world in this funny and thought-provoking Netflix documentary series. Conan visits a range of diverse countries from Cuba and Korea to Italy and Israel.

Travel docu-series is nothing new in the world of Television. I remember the dapper Englishman Alan Whicker fronting ‘Whicker's World‘ back in the 1970s, the original travel vlog show which first aired in 1958! So it's safe to say this is a well-worn format, but one that has undoubtedly proven popular with audiences over time.

Conan O'Brien launched his humorous take on travel show format back in 2015 when he visited Cuba — becoming the first American Late Night TV host to broadcast from the country since 1958. Then in 2017, Conan visited Mexico in response to Donald Trump's attempts to build a wall between the two countries. Since then he has filmed for the series ‘Conan Without Borders' in Korea, Haiti, Italy and Israel.

Conan takes an irreverent look at the more bizarre cultural aspects of each country he visits. It's all done in a gentle tone and doesn't come across as condescending. Conan's self-deprecating style allows him to poke fun at others without seeming rude or cruel. In many ways, the show is the perfect vehicle for his talents. One he's more naturally suited to than the late night TV show.

While ‘Conan Without Borders' is a genuinely funny series, it can also pack a punch when it comes to serious issues too. In Israel, Conan talks to both sides of the Arab/Israel conflict in a measured and hopeful way. Without picking sides or oversimplifying the problems. In Haiti, Conan gets drawn into a discussion with an angry street crowd. The locals complain bitterly about the way American media outlets portray the country. The show handles these moments well; the balance between informing the audience and having fun is perfectly pitched. Each episode is around forty minutes long, and the series currently has six destinations to explore with Conan.


  • Funny
  • Informative
  • Perfect Vehicle For Conan


  • Not The Most In-depth Travel Docu-Series


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