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One of the most watched k-dramas of all time, Crash Landing On You follows Se-ri, a south Korean heiress who accidentally ends up in the North. When she is found by Captain Ri the two must work together to get her out of the country.

Released in December 2019, K-drama Crash landing On You is the third highest-rated South Korean TV drama in cable television history and the highest-rated tvN drama ever.

So if it's an action-packed, dramatic, romantic Korean drama that you're after, look no further than this hit series.

What Is Crash Landing On You About?

The premise is simple. Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) is a hugely successful South Korean businesswoman. She is also her father's choice to take over leadership of the family corporation, the Queen's Group.

She is ambitious and driven and is far more business savvy than either of her two brothers. With her own successful company, she is a perfect choice.

Then Se-ri goes out paragliding and is caught in a sudden tornado. Getting swept away, she is blown over the Korean Demilitarized Zone and lands in North Korea.

Found stuck in a tree by Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin), he decides to help her rather than turn her in.

But what starts out as a potential romantic drama between the two, turns into a more complicated story about racketeering and murder. Soon both Captain Ri and Se-ri find themselves the target of a corrupt officer in the North Korean military.

The story then splits into two halves. The first with Se-ri trying to get out of North Korea and the second trying to stay alive in South Korea.

To complicate things even further, her brothers don't want her back home. Yoon Sae-hyung and his wife want to eliminate her so they can take over the company.

Her relationship with her mother is strained, her father is distant and all she just wants is to just be with Captain Ri.

Can Se-ri stay alive long enough to sort her life out and get her happy ever after? Only time will tell.

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Is Crash Landing On You Worth Watching?

There's a reason Crash Landing On You is one of the most popular Korean dramas of all time.

It has everything. Romance, friendship, family rivalries, murders and cover-ups. But more than that it has an excellent balance between the dark and the light.

There is a brilliant comedy element, largely provided by Captain Ri's Company 5 soldiers. The women in the North Korean village are equally as entertaining and give Se-ri a perspective on life she never had before.

But on the other side, there's the danger element through Cho Cheol-gang and Se-ri's brother, plenty of action and fight scenes and enough backstabbing in the Yoon family to rival Succession.

And of course there's the epic and timeless love story between Se-ri and Captain Ri. South and North Korea coming together through love. It is the stuff of fairytales.

It's tricky to really get into the plot of Crash Landing On You just because sooooo much happens in the show.

Suffice it to say that if K-drama is your thing, this is one of the biggest shows in that genre.

Personally, I preferred Little Women and Extraordinary Attorney Woo but that's just personal taste. But Crash Landing On You comes a close second (or third).

Crash Landing On You Season 2

If you were hoping for a second season of the hit Korean drama, then I'm sorry to say that you are out of luck.

Crash landing On You had one complete story all wrapped up in 16 episodes.

That means there is simply nowhere else for the tale of Se-ri and Captain Ri to go and as such, there is no need for season two.

The good news is that there are tonnes more K-dramas for you to binge on. Few have the North and South Korea element, but they all excel in their own respective genres and are well worth checking out.

Crash Landing On You Cast

Like so many Korean dramas, Crash Landing On You has one writer, Park Ji-eun and one director, Lee Jung-hyo.

Hyun Bin as Ri Jeong-hyeok, an emotionally-reserved Captain of Company Five in the Korean People's Army who hides and protects Se-ri after she accidentally crash-lands into his patrol territory.

Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, a successful CEO and south Korean heiress. She is also involved in a family succession battle, making her the target of resentment from her brothers and their wives.

Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan, a North Korean department store heiress who is also Ri Jeong-hyeok's fiancée through a marriage arranged by their parents.

Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung-jun, a charming but poor South Korean conman who embezzles from the Yoon family's company and then flees t North Korea to hide.

Yang Kyung-won as Pyo Chi-su, a Sergeant Major in Company Five with a grumpy attitude towards Se-ri.

Yoo Su-bin as Kim Ju-meok, a happy Corporal in Company Five, who is fascinated with south Korean dramas.

Tang Jun-sang as Geum Eun-dong, an innocent Lance-Corporal, who is the youngest member of the unit.

Lee Shin-young as Park Kwang-beom, a quiet Staff Sergeant oblivious of his model-worthy good looks.

Nam Kyung-eup as Yoon Jeung-pyeong, Se-ri's father and Chairman of Queen's Group.

Bang Eun-jin as Han Jeong-yeon, Se-ri's stepmother.

Choi Dae-hoon as Yoon Sae-jun, Se-ri's immature eldest half-brother.

Hwang Woo-seul-hye as Do Hye-ji, Sae-jun's supportive wife.

Park Hyung-soo as Yoon Sae-hyung, Se-ri's greedy and devious second older half-brother.

Yoon Ji-min as Go Sang-ah, Sae-hyung's intelligent and ruthlessly-ambitious wife.

Go Kyu-pil as Hong Chang-sik, Se-ri's over-stressed team manager who tries to find Se-ri after her disappearance.

Lim Chul-soo as Park Su-chan, Se-ri's insurance agent who becomes obsessed with proving that she survived the accident.


  • Timeless Love Story
  • Chemistry Is Palpable Through The Screen
  • Lots Of Subplots And Intrigue


  • Some Parts Felt Dragged Out
  • Almost Too Much Happening At Times


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