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Dangerous Lies

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When caregiver Katie inherits an estate from a wealthy owner, she thinks all her financial problems are solved. But soon she is embroiled in a web of lies and murder in this not so thrilling thriller, Dangerous Lies. A bit meh with no real spark or intrigue.

Katie and Adam are a young married couple who are struggling financially in Dangerous Lies. Adam is trying to finish school and Katie is working late-night shifts in a diner to make ends meet. When an incident at the diner forces them to make some big life changes, Katie goes to work for Leonard, an elderly man who needs a careworker.

Having dropped out of school and now unemployed, Adam is tired of being broke so Katie manages to get him a part-time job at Leonard's house, despite it being against the rules of the agency she works for. All is going along nicely until Leonard dies unexpectantly. That's when Katie and Adam discover a huge stash of cash in the attic. Desperate for the money, they take it until they can figure out what to do with it.

Soon after, a lawyer appears stating that Leonard left his estate to Katie. This, of course, raises some red flags with the detective who was in charge of investigating Leonard's death. When she discovers that Katie also cashed a very large cheque from Leonard, the couple comes under suspicion of having murdered him.

Things get even worse when a real estate agent starts to threaten them into selling the house. Then there's the discovery of a dead body in the garage…

It all sounds great but the reality is that Dangerous Lies is just a series of ridiculous unrealistic events. Adam just does one stupid thing after another in a bid to never having to go back to being broke. A frustrated Katie (Camila Mendes from Riverdale) just seems one note the whole way through the movie.

There are far too many unconnected murders that come out of nowhere. And the plot holes…soooooo many to choose from. You could almost get over it if they added to the movie, but they don't. It's just all a bit sloppy and pedantic.

Given that Dangerous Lies is based on a caregiver inheriting a huge estate, you could be forgiven for thinking of Knives Out. Sadly it's nowhere near as good or as intriguing. Predictable with no real twists or thrills.


  • Decent Storyline
  • Starts Off Intriguing


  • So Many Plot Holes
  • Predictable
  • A Bit Boring


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