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Here comes the "Merc with a Mouth" - Deadpool is not your standard super hero, let's say he is a little unstable. He is super cool, super funny, a real badass Marvel comic book hero who has become a cult figure in the super hero world and is now on the big screen in this brilliant movie.

Deadpool the movie is the screen version of the Marvel creation who first made his first appearance in a comic named The New Mutants, way back in 1991. Fans could not get enough of this character and instantly became a cult classic. Wade Wilson is a special forces operative that is put through hell after searching for a cure for his cancer, ends up being horrifically disfigured but develops mutant super powers and Deadpool is born.

The big difference with Deadpool from most comic book heroes is that he never shuts up, even if he is midway through killing heaps of bad guys – he is constantly talking. The character has a special knack of “breaking the fourth wall” and does it repeatedly in the movie. This gives the viewer a feeling of being part of the team or a more personal connection with the character at key moments in the film. You get a real sense that Deadpool is a little unhinged at times and that is re-enforced by his running commentary. This camp anti-hero can kick ass but is hard to handle, especially to his X-Men pals who generally find his constant talking irritating.

Ryan Reynolds plays the lead in the movie and he really brings this difficult character alive. Critics applauded Reynolds (Free Guy) for his performance and it is hard to picture anyone else doing a better job. It has to be said that this character is complex and it would be tremendously difficult for most actors to pull it off. But Reynolds seems to deliver all of the jokes and running commentary with the skill that matches the finest of comedians. Tim Miller directed the movie and the balance is spot on between pure action and the interaction of the main character.

To say this movie was a success is an understatement – it grossed $783 million in box office sales, it has been nominated for numerous awards and broke records across the world on its opening weekend. This movie was so good Deadpool 2 hit the cinema's and and also grossed over $785 million.

It is a superb movie and will have you glued from beginning to end.


  • Brilliant Recreation of a Difficult Character
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Superb Dialogue


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