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Desperados follows Wesley who has finally found the man of her dreams but when she makes a huge mistake she ropes her friends into heading to Mexico to sort it out. A comedy that had potential but was just too over the top and ridiculous to be good.

Female buddy comedies are not a new concept, especially when it involves ‘taking a trip' somewhere. Movies like Girls Trip, Wine Country, and Rough Night have all tackled the subject with varying degrees of success. Following on from them comes Desperados, a film about one woman's desperate attempt to save her realationship, with a little help from her friends.

Wesley (Nasim Pedrad) is a 30-something single woman who is very unlucky in love. Sick of looking for mister perfect, a chance encounter after she is knocked unconscious, leads her to Jared (Robbie Amell). Given that she has just taken a knock to head she isn't in the chattiest of moods so comes across as quite placid and inoffensive, which apparently is quite appealing to Jared.

Realising that a more toned-down version of herself may be the key to success, Wesley happily dulls her personality and starts to fall in love. But when Jared ghosts her she gets roaring drunk, sends a truly awful email to the guy only to discover seconds later that he is actually in hospital in Mexico and wasn't ignoring her at all.

Panic-stricken, she ropes her two friends, Brooke and Kayley, into a trip south of the border. The hope is that she can get to his hotel room and delete the email before he gets out of the hospital. Of course, along the way, her plan encounters more than its fair share of problems. And none of this is helped by her ever-fracturing relationship with her besties or running into a previous blind date who had quickly dumped her.

The problem with Desperados is that it falls into that slapstick, over-the-top comedy category and unfortunately generates more eye-rolls than laughs. It's ridiculous. However, that is also fairly evident from the trailer so you do know what you are getting. An Oscar winner it ain't. It's just a shame, with such a talented cast, that the script wasn't better. As is, it's a watch it and forget it film.


  • Talented Cast
  • Some Funny Moments
  • Very Lighthearted


  • Awful Script
  • Ridiculously Over The Top
  • Just A Bit Naff


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