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Two deeply unlikeable and cynical people meet and have to spend the weekend together at a destination wedding neither of them wants to be at. A very, very funny anti-romcom starring Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder.

Forget any preconceived notions you may have about a movie titled Destination Wedding. This is an anti-romcom in the most hilarious and brilliantly written way.

From beginning to end the only two people who talk in this movie are the leads Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. Literally, nobody else ever utters a word.

They play Frank and Lindsay, two guests on their way to the same destination wedding in Paso Robles, California. Frank is the groom's brother, and Lindsay is the groom's ex-fiance.

And they are two miserable, cynical and unhappy people who end up having nobody but each other to talk to for the weekend.

So the whole way through the rehearsal dinner and the wedding activities they only have each other for company.

They don't even like each and yet that's the very thing that allows them to be totally honest with each other. They just don't care what the other one thinks of them so they say whatever they want to hilarious effect.

Ultimately, skipping all the coyness and cutesie beginnings of a relationship means that they actually connect more than most couples.

But can Frank and Lindsay get along with each long enough to survive the Destination Wedding? Or will they go their separate ways?

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Is Destination Wedding Worth Watching?

If you're tired of the usual romantic comedy that has become really cliched then give Destination Wedding a watch.

It's such a rare and real treat to watch a film about two people who are so blatant and honest that it is hilarious to watch.

The script is witty and sharp. It is packed with relentless laugh-out-loud conversational style dialogue that is expertly delivered by the two leads.

However, despite the cynicism and apathy, there are still some sweet moments peppered with plenty of awkwardness.

Keanu Reeves is brilliant as the disappointed-with-life, disturbed loner and Winona Ryder (Stranger Things) excels as a neurotic and jilted woman but one who is still hopeful of finding true love.

As usual, it's the kind of movie that splits opinion. Some critics panned it calling it contrived and cringe-inducing especially when it came to a rather tame sex scene.

Others for the unlikely scene when they find themselves facing a mountain lion. But that's just the way critics are.

Regular viewers, myself included, loved it a LOT more.

Writer and Director, Victor Levin, has done a great job in producing a very likeable movie about two very unlikeable people.

In fact, the alternative title to the movie is actually “Destination Wedding, or A Narcissist Can't Die Because Then the Entire World Would End”

Destination Wedding is a sour comedy that is well worth a watch if you're after a few laughs.

Where Was Destination Wedding Filmed?

The romantic comedy Destination Wedding was filmed primarily in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo.

The majority of the filming took place over five days at the Dubost Winery and Vineyard.

Scenes were also filmed at The Apple Farm and Inn in San Luis Obispo.

Destination Wedding Movie Cast

Believe it or not, despite that only two characters ever speak in the film, there is an actual cast made up of other guests at the wedding.

Winona Ryder as Lindsay

Keanu Reeves (The Matrix Resurrections) as Frank

DJ Dallenbach as Ann, the bride

Ted Dubost as Keith, the groom

D. Rosh Wright as Frank's Mother

Greg Lucey as Frank's Stepfather

Clint Dubost as Father of the Bride

Donna Lynn Jones as Frank's Stepfather's Girlfriend


  • Anti Romcom Movie
  • Reeves And Ryder Are Hilarious
  • Excellent Script


  • You'll Either Love It Or Hate It


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