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Kevin Hart is tired of being the funny sidekick. He wants to be an action star and has finally been given a chance but first he must learn the skills in the action comedy, Die Hart.

Sometimes we get comedy films, other times we get action. Sometimes we even get a blend of both which is exactly what Die Hart is.

Starring Kevin Hart as a fictionalized version of Kevin Hart, Die Hart is a movie that pokes fun at his attempt to become an action star.

It's actually quite a decent concept for a film, but what is it all about, and is it worth watching?

What Is Die Hart About?

Kevin Hart is on a press tour for his most recent film. This is his sixth alongside Dwayne Johnson, and Hart is tired of being the funny sidekick. For once, he wants to be the action star.

After he has a meltdown on live tv, he catches the attention of the renowned director Claude Van De Velde (Jean Reno, A Private Affair), who offers him the lead in his next action film, provided he goes to the famous action hero school run by Ron Wilcox.

Desperate to be an action movie star, Hart agrees but clashes with Wilcox (John Travolta) and his unusual methods of teaching. Plus, he also thinks Wilcox is legitimately trying to kill him!

Alongside Hart is newcomer Jordan King (Nathalie Emmanuel), who trains alongside him. But what Hart doesn't know is that the training is secretly the movie being made.

Hidden cameras are everywhere, Wilcox and King are actually acting from a script, and the whole point of it is to create Claude Van De Velde's most authentic movie.

That is until three bonafide cartel members turn up, kill Wilcox, Josh Hartnett (he pops up as an alum of the school) and attempt to kill Hart and King.

Can they survive long enough for Kevin Hart to find out what is really going on, and will he ever get his wish and become a real-life action hero?

Die Hart Movie Trailer

Is Die Hart The Movie Worth Watching?

So here's the thing about Die Hart. It is actually the movie version of a series that Kevin Hart released in 2020.

And if you've seen that, then you've seen Die Hart the movie because all it is, is the episodes condensed into an 84-minute film.

The only difference is that this time around, it is available as an exclusive on Amazon Prime Video.

So now that we have that out of the way, is Die Hart any good?

As long as you watch it knowing it is an action comedy and there is nothing serious about it whatsoever, you will find it funny.

If you expect Extraction or The Gray Man, then you are out of luck. That said, the actual action sequences, particularly those involving Nathalie Emmanuel, are excellent.

John Travolta is far funnier than I expected, and the constant name-dropping never tires, especially when Josh Hartnett turns up as himself.

All that said, while it passes the time just fine, it's not the best example of an action comedy. There are some funny moments, but overall, Kevin Hart has made better films.

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  • Has Some Laugh Out Loud Moments
  • Doesn't Take Itself Seriously
  • Easily Passes The Time


  • Not A Great Action Comedy
  • Gets A Bit Convoluted
  • Straight Copy Of The Original Series


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