Dolemite Is My Name

Dolemite Is My Name

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It's time to get funky, super retro Rudy Ray Moore funky. This wild biopic tells the story of the creation of the stage character Dolemite. An all-star cast blast onto the screen in a super funny tribute to the Godfather of Rap.

Dolemite Is My Name tells the true story of the super cool seventies star Rudy Ray Moore. Or the creation of his stage alter-ego, Dolemite. After years of struggling, making his name, Rudy Ray Moore makes it big as Dolemite. A cult legend who risks everything by funding his own movie pushing his pimped up character to the masses.

Rudy Ray Moore released the first Dolemite movie in 1975, largely shaping the blaxploitation genre. This wild character was a badass kung-fu fighting pimp who is gifted with outrageous sexual powers. Moore's ridiculous story became a hit and spawned multiple films, including The Human Tornado and Disco Godfather. Famed for his rhyming skills, Rudy Ray Moore is also known as the godfather of rap.

It's fair to say, that Dolemite Is My Name is a fitting film to see Eddie Murphy blast back onto the screen. In fact, this is, without doubt, the best performance from Murphy in many years. It's clear that he was a fan of Dolemite and he brings a shining energy that should place him in line for some solid awards. Even though this feels like a comeback, the rest of the cast is brilliant too. Keegan-Michael Key is fantastic and Wesley Snipes gives a surprising performance D'Urville Martin.

The director, Craig Brewer, does a fine job creating the authentic retro seventies feel. With a screenplay provided by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski the film succeeds in being a whole heap of fun too. This is another Netflix original, but is easily up there as one of their best releases so far this year.

Ultimately, Dolemite Is My Name is a fast-paced romp of a film that is a fitting tribute to Rudy Ray Moore. The catch is, the story is a tad predictable but it does ooze with charm and is gifted with some heartfelt moments. And on top of that, the soundscore is fantastic – Dolemite is Dynamite.


  • Uplifting Story
  • Outrageously Funny
  • Outstanding performance from Eddie Murphy.


  • Lacking Originality.


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