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Shea and Syd McGee have built their Dream Home Makeover company from the ground up. But if you're expecting to see normal renovations, you will be disappointed. Unattainable multimillion-dollar mansions with the exact same design style in every episode.

If ever there was an accurate description of a show ‘Dream Home Makeover‘ is it. Don't expect to get any useful tips on how to decorate your home, this is all about the very, very high end of luxury homes.

You know the kind – 20ft high ceilings, enormous rooms, panoramic views of mountains…the sort of homes us mere mortals will never, ever live in!

Filmed almost exactly like The Home Edit, the six episodes of this show revolve around Shea McGee and her home makeover company.

To be fair to her and her husband, they do come across as very nice, hardworking people. They have been building their business for five years and started it by selling everything they owned.

So they have definitely put in the blood, sweat, and tears to become this successful.

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Is Dream Home Makeover Worth Watching?

Each episode follows the same structure. The McGee couple are sitting on a couch talking about their latest renovation project. Shea heads out to the home to discuss what her clients need and then plans are drawn up.

Over the course of the next 25 minutes, walls are ripped down, the decorators move in, colours are picked, walls are painted etc… Then comes the reveal when the family comes back to see the final result.

And the rooms do look stunning. Perhaps because they're already stunning homes.

And that's part of the problem with Dream Home Makeover. It's another world entirely, which I'm sure some people will love looking at. But these vast homes are so unattainable that the make-overs must cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There's nothing relatable about it whatsoever. That and every palate consists of white, navy, and grey. That's it. I literally didn't see another colour, other than a tan leather sofa.

Sure, it's a beautiful aesthetic but completely impracticable and not very original.

When every episode is filmed the same way and the make-overs are all identical, the six episodes seem to just repeat themselves and become boring.

If you want to watch multi-millionaires argue about where to put their 5,000-tonne fireplace in their 8,000 sq foot all-white house then this is the show for you.

Otherwise, there's nothing else. Alternatively, you could check out Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis which is much better, Instant Dream Home or Skin Decisions – makeovers but on people!

Dream Home Makeover Season 2

Season 2 was released in 2021 for another six episodes. Similar to season 1, this season also featured homes of the uber-wealthy including one that had its own basketball court. Then again the client was ex-NBA so that is to be expected!

Otherwise, it was the same ‘mountain retreat', ‘spa-like bathrooms' and ‘oasis bedrooms' that we've come to roll our eyes at.

Dream Home Makeover Season 3

It seems like Netflix fans can't get enough of The McGee's and are happy to while away the hours drooling over beautiful mansions being made even more beautiful.

So much so that Dream Home Makeover Season 3 will drop on Netflix on July 27th 2022.

This season promises a wide range of diverse clients from across the country but of course will still include the stable millionaire makeover.

The good news though is that Shea will also take on the renovation of a single-family home destroyed by a fire in Salt Lake City so maybe we'll get a few tips for our own homes!


  • Nice Couple
  • An Attempt At Renovating Different Rooms


  • Unattainable Homes
  • No Helpful Tips
  • Exact Same Design Results


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  1. Not only that, but the couple also showcases their own children, with full face and even make-up, which I find problematic as well. Today is not cool anymore to show your kids to the public (for two reasons: their personality rights, and because of possible predators), and they shamelessly promoting their own business with forcing their very underage kids to become public persons.


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