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Drug Lords

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You may have been watching the new release on Netflix of El Chapo season three or you could be waiting for the new season of Narcos predicted for release in September 2018. But why not check out their real-life stories in this fantastic Documentary Series.

The most horrific thing about watching this documentary is that it clarifies just how close to the truth the two popular series, Narcos and El Chapo are. It could be easy to think that both of these productions are overly dramatized but sometimes the truth is actually more shocking. The new season of Narcos starts soon and people are anctiously waiting for the new season to hit the screens and El Chapo has kept people gripped to the screen with the new season release in 2018.

Drug Lords brings us two series to binge on, all sitting around the forty-five-minute mark so it is really easy to get through in a few nights. The first two episodes are real eye-openers, focusing on Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel. But it's not all about El Chapo and Pablo Escobar, we get a detailed view of Frank Lucas/ The Count and even the Pettinghill Clan in Australia.

There is heaps of horrific footage and fascinating personal accounts given by associates of these psychotic kingpins of the underworld. Some of them give their own accounts in chilling interviews too and it is easy to see how so many people lived in fear of them. All in all, just a great documentary that compliments the other series that is focusing on these legends of the crime world. Yes, it is not quite as entertaining as the dramatised series, but definitely well worth watching.


  • Only 4 Episodes in a Season
  • Compliments Current Releases
  • Binge Worthy


  • Series should have finished on El Chapo
  • Imagery of the Dead a little confronting


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