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It's 1935 in Bournemouth and Louisa Durrell is a young widow with four children. Hoping for a better life, she packs up the family and moves them all to Corfu. The Durrells is funny, witty and at times quite poignant. A brilliantly sharp adaptation of Gerald Durrell's autobiographical trilogy and great for a binge!

The Durrells is based on Gerald Durrell's three autobiographical books about his family. It's 1935 in Bournemouth, UK and Louisa Durrell is a young widow with four children. The oldest, Larry (Josh O'Connor – The Crown), is the worst estate agent in the area and dreams of being a writer. Leslie has dropped out of school and is aimless. Margo is a 16 year old vacuous day dreamer and Gerry, the 11-year-old, has just been taken out of his school. With funds at a bare minimum and life all a bit dreary, Louisa decides to move the family to the Greek island of Corfu.

On arriving they meet a very nice taxi driver called Spiros. He brings them to a cheap but run-down villa overlooking the sea and that becomes their new home. But while you can move your family hundreds of miles away, that doesn't necessarily mean you leave your problems behind you. This is exactly what Louisa discovers as they try to make the best of their new life. The Durrells soon find that getting money sent to Corfu is a nightmare, jobs are hard to come by and the house is literally falling down around them. There is no electricity on the island – it is 1935 – and children bored in England are soon bored in Corfu!

As a struggling writer Larry is consumed by getting his work published. Leslie is never seen without a gun and his love of shooting soon lands the family in hot water. Margo can't hold down a job and instead whiles away the hours dreaming of a much grander life. And Gerry, cute little Gerry, is obsessed with animals and ends up with a small zoo at the house. But the ever easy-going Louisa takes it all in her stride and even manages to find herself in love with local Swedish resident Sven.

The Durrells is a really great family drama with superb acting and storylines. Keeley Hawes (Bodyguard) shines as Louisa Durrell and the four children are brilliantly cast in their roles. It is easy-going, fun and completely engaging. Top show to binge on especially as there are only six episodes in the season.

Originally an ITV production in the UK, there are four seasons in total with only the first on Netflix. If you love it as much as I do you may be tempted to purchase the other seasons on Amazon Instant Video but they are a hefty £12.99 each! And to save you digging deeper, there is no Season 5 of the show which has now ended.


  • Beautifully Filmed
  • Great Script
  • Keeley Hawes


  • Only One Season On Netflix



  1. I love this programme but am very disappointed that season 4 of the Durrells isn’t shown on NETFLIX as it was made in 2019 and here we are in April 2020. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!
    Is there no way I can find out when season 4 of the Durrells will be shown on NETFLIX

    • It’s because it’s not a Netflix show. It’s from ITV in the UK and will probably be on Britbox before it hits Netflix as that’s the ITV & BBC streaming service.

      • Lazy writing, poorly developed characters that reflect 21st century sensibility, terrible acting. Harmless story if you’re looking for nonviolent television. But it’s still a total waste of time.


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