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Easy is an anthology series that follows a diverse range of characters who are navigating the everyday ups and downs of marriage and relationships. Drama peppered with humour and along the lines of Friends From College.

The spectrum of love and sexuality is a broad and complicated one. Even in the midst of a ‘vanilla’ relationship, the nuances of everyday interaction can be mulled over infinity.

Easy is a comedy/drama anthology that plays out like half-hour short stories. And it covers all sorts of sexcapades for its rotating cast.

What Is Easy About?

Easy is a drama series that explores the intricacies of relationships and the complexities of life in modern-day Chicago.

Each episode focuses on different characters and their stories, creating experiences that are both relatable and thought-provoking.

The series delves into themes such as love, sex, marriage, and friendship, providing a nuanced and honest portrayal of the ups and downs that come with navigating relationships.

With its slice-of-life storytelling and rich character development, Easy is a compelling watch for anyone interested in the drama of everyday life.

The anthology nature of the show means that you can mostly jump right into any episode and enjoy the self-contained story.

There are a few recurring cast members, such as married couple Kyle (Michael Chernus) and Andi (Elizabeth Reaser). They are trying to save their sexless marriage and have agreed to try an open relationship.

The dialogue in Easy is conversational, teetering at the point of excessively normal. Be prepared to be part of long and realistic conversations where rambling points are made and counterpoints debated.

This does give the show a relatable vibe amongst all the sexual shenanigans. But there were times when I found myself looking at my watch as the 10th minute of a scene rolled by.

Most likely large chunks are improvised because it’s hard to believe that such talks can be scripted that way.

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Is Easy Worth Watching?

Although the show is an anthology there are characters that cross over from time to time. This gives Easy a nice sense of shared space.

And for those characters who don’t significantly return, the amount of characterisation packed into a short half hour episode is entertaining.

I felt particularly sorry for the home security salesman who is just keen to establish a connection. His desire to do well at work gets him a gig tailing a potentially cheating husband.

He ends up a little bewildered as an infiltrator at a BDSM house party trying to catch someone in the act.

The show may contain lots of sex and nudity. But the matter of fact nature means that this doesn’t ever come across as exploitative or sleazy.

Really, your enjoyment will centre on how engaged you are with a particular story. If you don't find yourself getting on with some characters, there is nothing stopping you from skipping the episode entirely.

Easy is a show that takes modern dating and love and then explores how people would cope with certain situations.

Sure there may not be people who make real pacts to accept every date request for a month, but when Annie (Kate Micucci) gives it a try, it’s fun to watch it play out.

There is enough occasional humour to ensure that things don’t get too wrapped up in arty sexuality.

If you can endure very talky moments where people root around to verbalise their feelings, then Easy is well worth a watch.

Words by Michael Record

How Many Seasons Of Easy On Netflix?

Easy is a Netflix original anthology series that ran for three seasons, from 2016 to 2019.

The first season consists of eight episodes, each focusing on different characters and their relationships, both romantic and familial.

Characters grapple with issues such as monogamy, communication, and the search for fulfillment, providing a candid and relatable portrayal of the ups and downs of relationships.

In the second season, Easy continues to explore modern relationships with eight new episodes. Some characters from the first season return, providing a continuity to the series, while new characters and stories are introduced.

The third and final season consists of nine episodes and brings closure to the series.

The season revisits some of the characters from previous seasons, providing a sense of resolution to their stories, while also introducing new characters and stories.


  • Not Exploitative
  • A Fun Exploration Of Modern Dating
  • Anthology Style


  • Dialogue Can Ramble
  • Some Characters More Interesting Than Others


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