Edge of Tomorrow – Live Die Repeat

Edge of Tomorrow – Live Die Repeat

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Imagine Groundhog Day but mixed up with epic battles against aliens and you are getting close to Live Die Repeat. This frantic SciFi keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through offering a fresh approach to this style of movie.

Based on the novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka and directed by Doug Liman, this movie was a huge success at the box office grossing nearly four hundred million dollars globally and has gone on to pull in huge sales on home media. Tom Cruise plays the lead but you do not have to be a fan to like this movie, in fact, this was a particularly brave role for Cruise to take.

Prior to watching this film, I was expecting the usual from Cruise, who seamlessly plays the hero. But this movie is quite the opposite to start with, Cruise's character Maj. William Cage is best suited for running PR campaigns than being a champion but he finds himself on the frontline of a battle to end all battles. Cage is way out of his depth and is killed quite quickly, but he finds himself thrown into a perpetual time loop and the viewer is treated to frantic scenes of Major Cage dying again and again (so if you are not a fan of Tom Cruise – this is quite a treat). Emily Blunt plays Rita Vrataski a hardened combat soldier who gets pulled into the same time loop as Cage, she even ends up shooting Cage in the head when she sees it best to jump back in time and start again.

The writers really make the most of the time jumping concept and this is what makes this film great to watch. It may be hard to follow at first but once you get to grips with what is happening this movie starts to pull you in. The effects are fantastic and the combat battle suits are excellent, the script is solid and the performances really shine. Generally, this film feels like a video game with an alien invasion, huge frantic battles, and endless lives, but if you are a fan of Sci-fi and war films you will really like Edge of Tomorrow – Live Die Repeat.

Update: Unfortunately, Edge Of Tomorrow is no longer available on Netflix. You can rent it on AppleTV.

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