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This beautiful heartwarming tale throws off the shackles of age, challenging the relationships we have with ourselves and those around us. An inspiring film that tells us, it is never too late to reach out for your dreams.

Edie is a British drama based on an eighty-three-year-old woman, who is facing the harsh realities of ending up in a care home. Edie has cared for her husband for over thirty years, who suffered from a stroke. After his death, Edie's daughter insists that she can not live in the house alone. Facing the bleak future at hand, Edie pulls on a long-forgotten dream of climbing Mount Suilven with her father. Deeply unsatisfied with her situation, she throws off the shackles of age. Setting off on an adventure to fulfill her dreams and get her life back.

Suilven sits deep in one of the remotest areas in the amazing wilderness of the Scottish Highlands. One of the most distinctive mountains in the British Isles, it provides a challenge for even the most adventurous of souls. This spectacular scenery becomes as much a part of the film as the human element. The vastness extends like life itself, the mighty peaks stand as a metaphor of the struggles faced along the journey. It is this scenery that Director, Simon Hunter explores to perfection. Innovative camera work provides an immersive experience for the audience that is a real visual delight.

The underlying focus within the story is the many challenges we face on a sociological journey. The complex relationships we have with ourselves, those we meet and those we love. So these elements would have been a challenge for the cast. Just as much as the physical challenge of the environment. Sheila Hancock is amazing playing Edie, she was eighty-three herself the film was made so her performance is very real. Kevin Guthrie gives a strong performance as the hired guide who creates a deep connection with Edie. The touching performances from both of the leads really bind this film together.

All in all, Edie is a film that makes us question our own directions. Championing the idea that it is never too late, to challenge yourself and never give up. The only downside is that the script is a bit weak, predictable at times. But if you are looking for a good heartwarming film that inspires on many levels, then Edie should be up there on your what to watch next on Netflix list.


  • Inspirational
  • Spectacular Scenery
  • Heartwarming


  • A Little Predictable


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