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25-year-old Emily has been given her dream job in Paris to bring an American perspective to a small branding agency. But when her boss doesn't like her, her boyfriend doesn't want to visit and no friends, how good is life for Emily In Paris?

From creator Darren Star (Sex In The City) comes the brand new show, Emily In Paris. Emily Cooper is 25-years-old and lives in Chicago where she works as a marketing exec. Complete with a boyfriend and a great boss, Emily's life is on track. Then the marketing company acquires a much smaller company in Paris and when her boss can't go, Emily (Lily Collins, Inheritance) is sent instead. For a year. Without being able to speak a word of French!

New to her surroundings and in love with the city, Emily starts a new Insta account – EmilyInParis, hence the name of the show. As the cute pics rack up so too do the followers, which is just as well as Emily is there to manage the social media side of the luxury brands the agency has on their portfolio. Her big problem, apart from not being able to speak French, is that her new boss Sylvie, and her co-workers, really don't like her.

But with her positive attitude and clever ideas, Emily keeps going, making friends and attracting admirers as she goes. So how will Emily fare in Paris? You'll just have to watch to find out.

There's a lot to like about the show once you get past a couple of clangers at the beginning. Without being too picky, it's rare that a young exec gets sent to Paris for a year to ‘give an American perspective' in any job. Get passed that and the French don't come off too well either. Pitched as rude, unfriendly, and downright sleazy, they're initially the bad guys to Emily's upbeat personality. It's a really unfair caricature but it does provide a jumping-off point for them to eventually come to love Emily.

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Otherwise, this is a cute, heartwarming show that Lily Collins excels in. She is adorable and so so likable that you just can't help but root for her. And she comes with a fair amount of formidability and sass so she's not a complete walkover. The supporting cast all bring something fun to the show and overall Emily In Paris is a very binge-able easy watch show even if it's devoid of any real drama.

Emily In Paris Season 2

Good news for Emily fans! Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.


  • Lily Collins Is Incredibly Likeable
  • Beautifully Show In Paris
  • Quirky And Easy To Watch


  • French Are Painted Badly
  • Editing Of Scenes Is Bad If You Know Paris Landmarks
  • No Real Drama


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