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Emogenius is a gameshow based around emoji's. As such kids will love it but for everybody else this is a no-go. Awkward, naff and with a lot of annoying contestants, you probably won't even care if any of them win the prize money.

If you find yourself stuck for something suitable for the kids then you could check out the gameshow Emogenius on Netflix. For adults, this show falls short a lot but kids, including mine, really enjoy it!

As mentioned, it's a gameshow that is based around answering questions when all you have to go on are Emojis. Two teams compete in each episode for a prize of $10,000. There are three rounds, the first of which is called ‘Get The Message'. This is where a team is given a fictional text message and the answer is made up only of emojis. The team has 15 seconds to decipher the answer to bag the points.

The second round is called ‘In-App Purchase' and this is where they are given a series of emoji clues, all of which tie together to form an answer. If they guess the answer the money gets tallied to their score. Round three involves one person being given a clue and they must then type out the message using only – you guessed it – emoji's. The receiver of the message must guess what they are trying to say.

Whichever team scores the most money in the game goes on to play for $10K, the other team go home with nothing. The premise of Emogenius is simple. And kids love it because it is all about emoji's. But for everybody else this is a numbing, irritating gameshow. I have no idea where they found their contestants, and I really hope they were told to amp it up for the tv, because they are insufferable. What is supposed to be enthusiasm comes across as total arrogance and actually only a few of them are even likeable.

And the host. Oh what to say about Hunter March. He tries his best but the presenting of this show is stilted and awkward. As a result what you end up with is a cringey, naff gameshow that just doesn't flow very well. The only upside is that kids can often play along at home. The downside is they may force you to watch it with them. If you want a better suggestion, watch Brainchild instead!


  • Good Premise
  • Fun For Kids


  • No Flow
  • Unlikeable Contestants
  • Sometimes Cringeworthy


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