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Detective Andri Ólafsson is back in Entrapped, the third season of Trapped, the hit Icelandic crime drama. This time a biker gang's land dispute ends with the murder of a cult member. But who did and why?

If Entrapped looks a little familiar, then let me explain why. Back in 2015, the Icelandic crime drama, Trapped, was released and instantly became a huge success around the world.

A second season was quickly ordered and dropped in 2018. Again, it was another hit, and so season 3 was commissioned.

And that's what Entrapped is. It is the third season of Trapped, which has been released internationally by Netflix under a different name.

What Is Entrapped About?

The good news is that Entrapped can be watched as stand-alone season. It is better if you've already watched the first two, but it's not essential.

The season starts with a cult-like group having a standoff with a motorcycle gang over a land dispute on the outskirts of Siglufjörður town.

When a cult member is killed Gunnar, one of the biker gang, becomes the prime suspect.

That's when Andri Ólafsson, a Reykjavík detective who has been demoted following a prior incident, hears about the murder and asks to be involved in the investigation.

Along with the chief of police, Hinrika Kristjánsdóttir and fellow police officer Trausti Einarssson, the three try to get to the bottom of Ivar's murder.

Things are complicated further when it turns out that the leader of the cult and the main suspect are in fact, father and son. And that Gunnar and Ivar were lifelong friends.

But when a far more dangerous gang arrive from Denmark, the whole investigation takes a turn for the worst.

So can Andri, Hinrika and Trausti figure out who the killer is? Will it help them solve a cold case from seven years earlier? And can Andri finally redeem himself?

Entrapped Official Trailer

Is Entrapped Worth Watching?

I'm a huge fan of Trapped. I loved the first season and was thrilled when Entrapped came to Netflix.

Andri Ólafsson is one of the best detective characters that has been written in recent years.

Despite his hugely imposing frame, he has a very quiet demeanour, and as a police duo, Andri and Hinrika are simply sublime.

Over six episodes, which were edited down from an original eight episodes, the story in Entrapped moves along at a blistering pace.

Just when you think you know the score something happens to throw all your assumptions into the air.

Linking the murder in this season to a cold case about Lina's disappearance from seven years earlier ties everything together perfectly.

With two groups battling it out, the murder of a cult member, biker gangs fighting for power and a massive potential drug smuggling operation all packed into just six episodes, this Netflix series is definitely worth watching!

If you love Nordic Noir style shows like Bordertown, The Killing and The Valhalla Murders, then add Trapped and Entrapped to your list.

Entrapped Netflix Cast

Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Andri Ólafsson, former Siglufjörður chief of police and now a Reykjavík detective.

Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir as Hinrika Kristjánsdóttir, the Siglufjörður chief of police.

Björn Hlynur Haraldsson as Trausti Einarssson, chief of the Reykjavik Bureau of Investigation.

Thomas Bo Larsen as Danish Hopper, the head of a Danish biker gang.

Haraldur Stefansson as Gunnar, involved in a biker gang's land dispute and now a murder suspect.

Maria Thelma Smáradóttir as Elísabet, Gunnar's girlfriend

Egill Ólafsson as Oddur, Gunnar's father and the cult members leader.

Sigurður Þór Óskarsson as Bergur, is friends with both the murder victim and the suspect.


  • Cast And Characters Are Exceptional
  • Great Weaving Of Subplots
  • Top Notch Nordic Noir Style Crime Drama


  • Didn't Like The Ending
  • Parts Are Complicated To Follow
  • Possibly Too Many Red Herrings


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