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Get yourself ready for the spectacular extravaganza that is the Eurovision Song Contest, simply one of the most bizarre music competitions that anyone could ever dream of. This send-off of Eurovision will have you in stitches for all of the right reasons. Heaps of fun for the whole family with tons of feel-good sentiment added on top.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is the outrageous tale of two Icelandic friends who's life purpose is to win The Eurovision Contest. Childhood best friends, Lars and Sigrid's lives changed forever when they watched ABBA performing on Eurovision. So they create their band Fire Saga with one aim. Fate hands them a pass to their dreams when a tragic event allows them to represent Iceland in the contest. Or was it the Elves that helped them and could they actually win it?

Now, what should be said if you are not familiar with The Eurovision Song Contest? It is one of the strangest spectacles on the planet. The first Eurovision took place way back in 1956 and has become one of the most-watched international events on the planet. But, what really makes the contest stand out is how it has developed over the years. Simply becoming an outrageous super camp series of performances that are generally terrible. Yet, it's own satirical play on itself is what makes this contest such a spectacle.

It's fair to say that personally I was quite skeptical of a satire movie based on a contest that is satirical to start with. However, what does stand out here is that the producers of this film clearly have a great understanding of Eurovision. On top of this, there's a genuine affection displayed to the event and is almost verging on a showcase for Eurovision. Which, if you are a fan of, will certainly set this film on the right path. Generally, there is a fair bit of respectful restraint displayed both with the backstory and the depiction of Eurovision.

First and foremost, this is a Will Ferrell movie. So if you are not a fan of Will Farrell, this should be taken into account. But, it has to be said that he is very restrained in Eurovision. In fact, this performance is pretty lame compared to the likes of Anchorman. This may have been because Farrell was introduced to the contest by his wife and he is somewhat of a fan to start with. But, he does do a great job with the script that he co-wrote with Andrew Steele. And is good doing his usual tragic man child parody as Lars Erickssong.

Yes, Eurovision is the Farrell show. But, for me, it is the supporting cast that actually carries this movie. Rachel McAdams is genuinely brilliant playing Sigrid. She clearly should do more comedy, because she is a complete natural bouncing off the script with ease. Dan Stevens is pitch-perfect as a super camp Russian Eurovision candidate and steals every scene. But, the big surprise comes from Pierce Brosnan playing Lars's disapproving Dad. He is brilliant with this role and really funny in a brutally deadpan performance.

On top of this, there are heaps of cameo appearances from real Eurovision stars. Plus the coverage of the finals being presented by Graham Norton adds some familiar authenticity to the experience.

Overall, Eurovision Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is just a whole heap of fun and the perfect tonic for all the family. It's nowhere near as offensive as other films from Will Farrell. The only downside is, that at over two hours long, it is verging on indulgence and for me should have been a good twenty minutes shorter.


  • Heaps of Fun.
  • Great Performances across the whole Cast.
  • Sharp and Genuinely funny Script.


  • Way too long.


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  1. I liked this movie and i was thinking i wouldn’t because of will farrell, who didnt fit the lead male well. But the music was good. Loved the fairy houses and that twist. I very much enjoyed the movie ja ja ding dong!


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