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Fake Profile follows Camila as she joins a dating app to find her dream man. And she does until he mysteriously disappears and she finds herself entangled in a complex net of passion, deceit, and lies.

Netflix knows its audience and is no stranger to the fact that the 365 Days trilogy was one of their biggest worldwide hits. Attempting to lure that particular audience back into the fold, they've now added Fake Profile to the mix.

One of the few additions from Columbia, Fake Profile promises to be a thrilling journey of love, betrayal, and revenge.

But what is it all about and is it worth watching?

What Is Fake Profile About?

Camila Ramón (Carolina Miranda) is a cabaret dancer at the Golden Lips Club in Las Vegas. Looking for her perfect man, she create a profile on the dating app Spice.

That's when she matches with a plastic surgeon called Fernando Castell (Rodolfo Salas). With an instant connection the two develop an intense romantic relationship but it all goes off the rails when four months later, he mysteriously disappears after he leaves her for a family emergency.

Camila knows something is amiss so to uncover the truth, she travels to Cartagena, Colombia, where she discovers the big lie. Fernando is not Fernando. He is actually Miguel Estévez, a married man with two children. And he doesn't know that Camila is in town.

From here, the plot thickens as a furious Camila hatches a plan to get her revenge. She hires a driver named David, pretends to be married to him and moves in next door to Miguel, to watch him and his wife Ángela (Manuela González).

But then that all goes wrong when he finds out and they rekindle their relationship, with devastating results for Miguel's family.

And did I mention that Angela's father, Pedro Ferrer, is a wealthy real estate magnate, who is secretly orchestrating a grand plan that involves the marriages of his children??

Yes, Pedro (Víctor Mallarino) has decided that to secure his legacy he must eliminate those he perceives as threats, including Miguel and Cristóbal, his son Adrían’s fiancé.

It's all very soap-opera complicated with lies and plans that backfire, steamy relationships, illegitimate children and dangerous confrontations that change all of their lives forever.

Fake Profile Official Trailer

Is Fake Profile Worth Watching?

Fake Profile isn't going to set the world on fire and honestly, is as trope filled and cliched as a lot of drama that comes from the genre. And that's the ‘sex sells' genre.

Like Diary of a Gigolo and 365 Days, the vast majority of this tv series is beautiful people running around sleeping with each other and causing chaos.

To give it some credit, it does have plenty of drama, suspense, and intrigue to keep you engaged. The characters may not be likeable but they do evolve over the course of the season when forced to reveal their secrets and confront their pasts.

The entire plot may revolve around deceit and revenge but at least it's not boring, even if it is a little trope filled and cliched.

If you're after a serious and thought provoking drama, Fake Profile is not it. But if you want to stop into the world of steamy soap opera drama, then it will tick most of the boxes.

Fake Profile TV Series Cast

Carolina Miranda as Camila Román, a young woman who meets her perfect match on a dating app

Rodolfo Salas as Fernando Castell / Miguel Estévez, Camila's love interest but one hiding a huge secret

Juanse Díez as Lucas Estévez, Miguels' son who discovers his father's affair

Manuela González as Ángela Ferrer, Miguel's wife and daughter to a wealthy businessman

Víctor Mallarino as Pedro Ferrer, Angela's father

Mauricio Hénao as Adrián Ferrer, Pedro's son and Angela's brother

Lincoln Palomeque as David Meneses

Felipe Londoño as Cristóbal Balboa, Adrian's fiance

Juliana Galvis as Tina

Nicole Santamaria as Milenka


  • A Lot Of Different Plots And Sub Plots
  • Easy on The Eyes With Beautiful People In A Beautiful Setting


  • A Love It Or Hate It Show
  • Far Too Many Ridiculous Set-Ups
  • Starts Off Well But Goes Down Hill


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