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Falling Inn Love

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Gabriela's life falls apart and she finds herself travelling to New Zealand to run an Inn she won in a competition. But she gets more than she bargained for and soon needs the help of the town's handyman who she unsurprisingly also falls for. Perfectly sweet, if completely unoriginal romcom.

Who doesn't love a good romcom? Ok, plenty of you don't BUT…plenty of you do and that why Falling Inn Love will be top of your watch list. So what's it about? The clue is in the title – Falling INN Love. So yes, you guessed it – it's about an Inn and Love. And honestly, while the movie tries to be a bit more, that's really all there is to it.

Gabriela (Christina Milian from Resort To Love) is a hard-working young woman who has been dating Dean for a couple of years. And like almost every other romcom that has gone before it, works sucks and her fella is a commitment-phobe.

So in one swoop both the job and her love life are gone. But all is not lost because she finds an online competition to win an Inn in beautiful New Zealand.

No prizes for figuring out that she wins the Inn and soon finds herself at the other side of the world. But the Inn is a dump and soon Gabriela is faced with the task of restoring it.

That is, despite not being able to fix a tap. That's when handy-man/love-interest/only good looking guy in town, Jake Taylor (Adam Demos, A Perfect Pairing), shows up.

Initially, neither likes the other. Of course they don't, it's romcom 101. But soon the pair soon get stuck into the renovations. And each other.

But of course, the path to true love doesn't run smooth and a local B&B owner hatches a plan to bring Dean to New Zealand. The idea is that Gabriela will see sense, sell the Inn and return to San Francisco. But will she?

SPOILER ALERT: No, of course she bloody doesn't! She realises that her ‘real-life' is exactly where she is. Dean gets the heave-ho, she keeps the Inn with Jake and the two sail off into the sunset.

I told you – Falling Inn Love is a very simple film. That doesn't mean it's not enjoyable because it is. It's a delight. But like Nappily Ever After, Always Be My Maybe, Princess Switch and a myriad of others, Falling Inn Love has the exact same premise.

Unlucky in love, unfeasibly beautiful, overworked and under-appreciated women who ultimately have to make huge life-altering changes to ‘find themselves'. This one just happens to be set in an Inn in New Zealand.


  • A Perfectly Reasonable RomCom
  • Good Cast And Chemistry
  • Simple, Sweet Film


  • Cliched
  • Uses Every Trope In The Romcom Book


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