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Family Reunion is a solid sitcom that follows the McKellan family as they move back to Georgie from Seattle, much to the shock of their 4 kids. Plenty of fun antics and laughs.

When the McKellans swap their Seattle skyline for Georgia’s Southern charm, hilarity ensues and cultural clashes skyrocket.

Family Reunion, Netflix's delightful foray into family comedy, gives viewers a sweet mix of relatable squabbles, hearty laughs, and life lessons.

Strap in, folks, it's a comedic roller coaster with a family that quickly feels like our own!

What Is Family Reunion About?

Family Reunion sees the McKellan family head to Georgia from Seattle for a family gathering. While there, Moz (Anthony Alabi) and Cocoa (Tia Mowry) really love having so much family around. So much so that they decide to move back permanently.

So, packing up their lives they, and their four kids, move to Georgia. While house-hunting, they temporarily move in with Moz's parents where his mum, M'Dear (Loretto Devine, The Trap), rules the roost.

Season one gives us the fish-out-of-water scenario. The McKellans grapple with their new life, especially when it's under the same roof as M'Dear. The challenges? Different rules, quirky traditions, and a slower pace of life.

As the series progresses, each season peels back layers of the McKellan family dynamic. Relationships evolve, kids grow up, and the bond between family members strengthens.

All while they tackle societal issues and daily challenges with humour. Sure, there's drama, but it's grounded in warmth and affection. And, amidst the laughs, the show really establishes strong themes of love, loyalty, and family togetherness.

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Is Family Reunion Worth Watching?

Created by Meg DeLoatch, the show takes a few episodes to warm up. The acting in the pilot is a little bit forced. But it doesn't actually take too long for the characters to settle. And there are some really funny quips and scenes along the way. The one huge advantage that Family Reunion has is that it is perfect for all the family to watch.

From the family's rich history or the three-hour church services, the huge humidity hair to home cooking and family bonding, the show focuses on the everyday ups and downs of family life.

Like Fuller House or Black-ish, it is smart enough to be engaging for adults and funny enough for kids to enjoy. The balance is just right with Family Reunion.

Every Netflix comedy aims to stand out, and Family Reunion does so with its genuine charm. The humour isn't just about the culture clash, but the relatable, everyday struggles of family life.

What also makes this series a delightful watch is its cast. Tia Mowry-Hardrict as Cocoa McKellan shines, bringing in genuine emotion interwoven with comedic timing. Loretta Devine, as M'Dear, is the formidable backbone of the series. Her character anchors the family with a mix of tough love and unwavering support.

Each episode usually has a life lesson, often shared by M'Dear. This doesn’t make the show preachy. Instead, it gives depth to a sitcom format, ensuring it isn't just about the laughs. It’s about family moments that stay with you.

Family Reunion isn’t trying to be groundbreaking. And that's alright. Its strength lies in its simplicity, authenticity, and its ability to connect with viewers. Whether it's a Sunday binge-watch or a weeknight wind-down, this series fits the bill.

How Many Seasons Of Family Reunion?

There are three seasons of Family Reunion on Netflix. The first season and the second season were both broken into two parts and aired at different times. The third and final season, also known as Family Reunion Part 5, was aired in full.

In total there are 20 episodes in the first season, 15 in the second and 10 in the third giving us 45 episodes of fun as the McKellan family moves across the country, giving up their city comforts to live with their traditional grandparents.

Family Reunion Netflix Cast

Tia Mowry as Cocoa Joie McKellan, a mother of five (as of Season 3) who believes in new-age parenting and sometimes is very sassy but still loves her kids.

Anthony Alabi as Moses “Moz” McKellan, Cocoa's husband and a former Seahawks tight end.

Loretta Devine as M'Dear McKellan, Moz's Deep Southern old-fashioned churchgoing mother.

Talia Jackson as Jade McKellan, Cocoa and Moz's eldest daughter who is boy-crazy and a little rebellious.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Shaka McKellan, Cocoa and Moz's older son. He is shown to be a very intelligent and academically inclined.

Cameron J. Wright as Mazzi McKellan, Cocoa and Moz's younger son who has a passion for singing and composing music.

Jordyn Raya James as Ami McKellan, Cocoa and Moz's youngest daughter.

Erica Ash as Grace, Moz and Daniel's older sister and the family's religious role model

Jasun Jabbar Wardlaw Jr. as Tyson, Moz and Cocoa's nephew


  • Great For Families
  • Good Mix Of Comedy And Life Lessons
  • Tia Mowry


  • Acting Not Great In First Couple Of Epsiodes
  • Super Cheesy


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