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Family Reunion

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A solid sitcom that follows the McKellan family as they move back to Georgie from Seattle, much to the shock of their 4 kids. With plenty of fun antics and a few laughs, it is pitched perfectly for family viewing like Fuller House, Black-ish and One Day At A Time.

Netflix has been steadily producing some decent family sitcoms, the newest of which is Family Reunion. Similar to Fuller House, it is filmed before a live studio audience. And it is also based around an extended family living together in the same house.

Family Reunion sees the McKellan family head to Georgia from Seattle for a family gathering. While there, Moz (Anthony Alabi) and Cocoa (Tia Mowry) really love having so much family around. So much so that they decide to move back permanently. So, packing up their lives they, and their four kids, move to Georgia. While house-hunting, they temporarily move in with Moz's parents where his mum, M'Dear (Loretto Devine, The Trap), rules the roost.

Created by Meg DeLoatch, the show takes a few episodes to warm up. The acting in the pilot is a little bit forced. But it doesn't actually take too long for the characters to settle. And there are some really funny quips and scenes along the way. The one huge advantage that Family Reunion has is that it is perfect for all the family to watch.

From three-hour church services and huge humidity hair to home cooking and family bonding, the show focuses on the everyday ups and downs of family life. Like Fuller House or Black-ish, it is smart enough to be engaging for adults and funny enough for the kids to enjoy. The balance is just right with Family Reunion.

Of course, there are some mad-cap moments but overall, the creators have perfectly pitched the family situation perfectly. From M'Dear's old school approach to parenting to the rather more liberal view from parents Moz and Cocoa it is easily relatable and fun to watch. There is a lot to like but you do have to get past the stiff acting in the first couple of episodes before you can properly sit back and enjoy it.


  • Great For Families
  • Good mix of comedy and life lessons
  • Tia Mowry


  • Acting not great in first couple of epsiodes
  • Super Cheesy


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