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Fahrenheit 11/9

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How the F£$k did this happen? If you are wondering how on earth the crazy world of politics turned out this way, this insightful look into the rise to power of Donald Trump offers a sincere and subjective assault on the greed that has consumed the people of power in America.

Fahrenheit 11/9 is Michael Moores cluster bomb attack on the surprise electoral victory of Donald Trump to become the President of America. The name is a spin on his previous documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. Switching the date around to represent the date that the world recoiled in shock to find Trump as the leader of the free world.

The whole thing starts off with a similar feel to the 2004 release. However, it becomes very clear that Trump is not the only target in Moores sights. Fahrenheit 11/9, goes for everyone but feels a lot more genuine in its delivery than other Moore documentaries. Moore practically apologizes for admitting that Steve Bannon and the Trump camp helped promote his activities. There is a deep feeling of sincere desperation that hits hard, yet he does succeed in some positive tones regarding the new voting generation.

I know what you’re thinking, seen one Michael Moore documentary and you have seen them all. But even if the formula is very much the same. There is a very good reason for the number of awards he has received. The bottom line is, he is extremely good at getting his point across to the masses. Yes, Moore is openly preferenced towards the Democratic party and his documentaries have been heavily biased in this direction. But trust me, Fahrenheit 11/9 is very different.

For me, the pleasant surprise was that this is not just a blast at the madness that is Donald Trump. He gets his share, but so does Hilary Clinton and even the saintly Barrack Obama. Republicans and Democrats become the prize topping to the whole s'*t cake that is served up. The tie into the Flint Water scandal drags all sides into the argument and is a valid example of outrageous acceptance of cash before the community.

It's fair to say that you are either a big fan of Michael Moores documentaries and his books or you simply hate him. For me, I have always liked the way he gets his point across. The catch is, sometimes his personal attacks on people can be a little overwhelming. For instance, his relentless baiting of Charlton Heston in Bowling for Columbine was totally unnecessary. Even if I did agree with his opinion.

So why does Fahrenheit 11/9 work? Well, all-in-all what we receive in this film is a much more balanced attack. And yes this is a cluster bomb of an attack but it results in a reasonable explanation as to why we have no faith in the system anymore. But what if there is hope, there is hope and Moore uses the powerful stance of the American Youth who are intelligently fighting back.

If you are remotely interested in how the Politics of the United States has got into this mess. Or even world politics has reached the point it is at. Fahrenheit 11/9 is a must-watch.


  • Balanced and Sincere
  • Brutally Shocking
  • Powerful.


  • Unnecessary Hosing Stunt.


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