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Fauda is the series based on a covert Israeli Counter-Terrorism team operating in the West Bank. it deals with the complex issues of the Arab/Isreali struggle from both sides of the conflict - If you're a fan of shows like Homeland, 24 or The Wire then you'll love this high octane cat and mouse thriller.

Fauda is the political thriller which is getting rave reviews around the world (including this one). The show was created by a retired Israeli Special Forces Soldier (Lior Raz) and Middle East Journalist (Avi Issacharoff). The show originally aired on Israeli television in 2015. However, it shot to global fame after being snapped up by Netflix in 2017.

The series focuses on the Israeli Military Unit nicknamed ‘Duvdevan‘ (Hebrew: cherry).  Fauda co-creator Lior Raz served in the unit which specializes in covert infiltration inside Palestinian neighborhoods. Operatives must be able to move within the local Arab population without raising suspicion and be ready to strike at a moments notice. Fauda Series 1 focuses on the hunt for a Palestinian terrorist known as the ‘The Panther'. The team must find him before he can unleash a terror attack which could spark a full-scale war.

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The 12 episodes in series 1 (approx 35mins long) move at a rapid pace, the characters are believable and very well acted. This warts and all depiction isn't a ‘James Bond' style spy story, as the characters on both sides are shown paying a high personal price for their involvement in the conflict. The tension is perfectly paced and the drama is interwoven into the characters personal lives, which makes the action even more intense. A highly recommended series, just be sure to watch in the original language with subtitles, the English dubbing is terrible!

If you liked Series 1 then you'll be glad to hear Fauda Series 2 & 3 are also available on Netflix. And if loved Fauda, check out Mosul – equally as good!


  • Tense Thriller
  • Terrific Action Scene
  • Characters Multidimensional


  • Terrible Dubbing (Watch Subtitled Version)


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