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When aspiring professional dancer April finds herself back home, she decides to use a dance competition to get herself back to New York, but will she ditch the kids to follow her dreams?

In Feel The Beat, April is a professional dancer who dreams of playing a lead role on Broadway. However, those dreams come to a crashing halt when she has a run-in with a producer and suddenly April finds herself unemployed and back home in her small town in Wisconsin.

It's a lovely little place called New Hope but it's definitely not where April wants to be. So when her old dance teacher asks her to talk to the class and help with a competition, April genuinely can't think of anything she would rather do less.

That is until she realises that the Nationals will be judged by a Broadway legend. If she can impress him in the ‘Teacher Feature' part of the competition, she could get back to New York.

But first she has to get there. Unfortunately, the class of nine kids are nowhere near the standard they need to be to get through. So with some tough love, hard work, and lots of practice, April believes that she can get them there.

But don't be fooled. While this is a sweet family/kids movie, it still has a little bit of grit. Namely, that April (Sofia Carson, Purple Hearts) is simply using the kids to get what she wants. She knows it but they don't. And worse, she doesn't care.

Blinded by ambition, if she has to ditch those kids to follow her dreams, then so be it.

Overall Feel The Beat is a big step up from the usual movies in this genre. In fact, it's really quite good. Sure, it has a bit of predictable ending but other than that I quite liked how all the kids were very normal and that April wasn't as sweet as sugar.

It's definitely one that parents can watch with their kids without being bored to tears, like Good Sam or Malibu Rescue.


  • Good For The Whole Family
  • Not Entirely Sweet
  • Sofia Carson Is Really Good


  • Predictable Ending


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