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Fighting With My Family depicts the rise of WWE professional wrestler Paige from her humble beginnings in Norwich to the Divas Championship and all the ups and downs in between. A fantastic, inspiring and uplifting movie that will have you cheering from your sofa.

Written and directed by Stephen Merchant (The Office UK), Fighting With My Family is a biographical movie based on the life of WWE Professional Wrestler Paige.

Grossing over $39 million, the film was a huge success with particular emphasis on how well Florence Pugh (Malevolent) did in the lead role.

Fighting With My Family is a hearty underdog tale. It blends the genuine grit of wrestling with the emotional intensity of a family drama.

The movie wrestles its way into your heart with its humour, vulnerability, and irresistible charm. It's not merely a sports flick or a biographical sketch. It's a film that pins down the essence of dreams, ambition, and the lengths one would go to make a mark in the world.

Produced by Dwayne Johnson, the film elevates itself above the standard sports biopic trope with its quintessentially British humour and real, relatable stakes.

What Is Fighting With My Family About?

It starts back in 2002 when a wrestling-obsessed family from Norwich convinced their daughter, Saraya Bevis, to get into the ring.

Strapped for cash, they continue putting on shows and by the time Saraya is 18 years old she has become well known locally under her stage name ‘Britani Knight'.

Her older brother dreams of becoming a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) star. Encouraged by their parents they try out for WWE trainer Hutch Morgan (Vince Vaughan) before a wrestling taping in London.

But when Morgan chooses Saraya over her brother Zac, telling him he will never make it as a wrestler, the family are both elated and crushed. Saraya, who now goes by the name ‘Paige' thanks to a meeting with Dwayne Johnson (Skyscraper), reluctantly heads to L.A. to complete her training.

But things are tough for Paige in the US. She looks nothing like her fellow female competitors, her fitness levels aren't up to scratch and homesickness kicks in.

Meanwhile, back at home, Zac (Jack Lowden, Slow Horses) has fallen into a depression and is in serious danger of ruining his life.

But when Paige decides she can't do it anymore and wants to quit, the whole family rally around and convince her to continue. Parents Rick (Nick Frost) and wife Julia (Lena Headey) know this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Paige just has to embrace her talent, stop trying to be somebody she is not and do it for the family.

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Is Fighting With My Family Worth Watching?

There is so much to love about Fighting With My Family. The performances are exceptional, the comedy and drama are in perfect balance. So at some points, you will find yourself laughing out loud and holding back the tears at others.

It is a beautiful depiction of an unconventional family who supports and loves each other so much that you genuinely root for them every step of the way. While the movie may be themed around the rise of a WWE star, it is far more than that.

It is about believing in yourself, going for your dreams and never giving up no matter how hard the road ahead may be.

Pugh is a revelation in her role as Paige, capturing both the tenacity and vulnerability required to bring this real-life character to life. Her portrayal adds layers of complexity to what could have been a one-dimensional role.

The film shines in its depiction of a family that's equally flawed and endearing. The chemistry between the family members adds authenticity and emotional weight to the narrative.

However, despite its charms, the film often treads familiar ground, adhering to the typical underdog sports movie formula. A few unexpected twists would have been refreshing.

And while Paige's journey is well fleshed-out, some of the supporting characters could have used more development. Specifically, the wrestling trainees in America are somewhat two-dimensional and could have been explored further.

But aside from that, Fighting With My Family muscles past clichés and is a terrific film that will have you cheering from your sofa.

Is Fighting With My Family A True Story?

Yes, Fighting With My Family is based on a true story. It follows the real-life journey of Saraya “Paige” Bevis, a professional wrestler from Norwich, England. She eventually becomes a WWE Divas Champion.

The film is inspired by a documentary of the same name that aired on British television, which caught the attention of Dwayne Johnson. The real Paige comes from a family of professional wrestlers, and her story of becoming a WWE superstar serves as the backbone for the movie.

While the film aims to be a faithful representation of Paige's life and her wrestling career, it takes some creative liberties for the sake of narrative flow and dramatic impact.

For instance, some characters in the movie, like Vince Vaughn's character Hutch Morgan don't exist. They are fictional amalgamations designed to drive the story forward. Similarly, some of the events are condensed or rearranged to fit the movie's runtime and thematic focus.

Paige herself has spoken positively about the movie, indicating that it captures the essence of her experiences even if every detail isn't 100% accurate.


  • Fantastic Cast
  • Uplifting And Inspiring
  • Great Blend Of Comedy And Drama


  • Didn't Actually Show Any Of The Fights
  • Some Parts Are Fictionalised


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