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In the near future, the Earth has become an uninhabitable radioactive wasteland. Finch (Tom Hanks) is hanging on, but not for long. Before he dies, he must build a robot that can care for one thing he loves: his dog.

The cast of ‘Finch' is tiny, consisting of only three characters: a dog, a robot and Tom Hanks. Of course, if you only have three ingredients, you've got to make sure they're high-quality to make a tasty meal. ‘Finch' whips these morsels into a satisfying dish suitable for all palates.

Hanks is perfectly cast as the lone engineer in a desolate cityscape. He searches for things that will assist him with the harsh radiation and magnetic superstorms that sweep into the city regularly.

What's Finch About?

With no other humans are around, Finch (Tom Hanks) talks to his loyal dog ‘Goodyear'. The pair have a close relationship. However, when Finch suspects he doesn't have long to live, he embarks on a plan to build a fully functioning A.I. robot to care for his companion.

This movie was always going to succeed or fail based on the robot's performance, who is Finch's only companion. Now, if you've seen any film with robots before (I'm lookin' at you ‘Transformers'), this might not sound like a good thing. However, this robot has charm, humour and surprisingly deep emotions.

As the robot is AI-driven, he can only learn by trial and error, forcing Hanks to parent the android. First, he must teach him how to walk, talk, and care for his dog, Goodyear. The robot quickly comprehends that the dog doesn't want anything to do with him!

Borat Crossed With Terminator

Hanks can always be relied upon to deliver a compelling performance, but what about the robot? Well, somewhat surprisingly, the CGI android is one of the film's most redeemable qualities. He's a mix of ‘Borat' and ‘Terminator‘ with the personality of an over-inquisitive five-year-old. However, the combination does work, particularly in his interactions with Hanks.

As the storms' frequency increases, Hanks realises that he must find a safer location for ‘Goodyear' and the robot. And the unlikely band set out on a treacherous trip to find a new home.

There is nothing robotic about this Tom Hanks movie. Although it's a simple tale about unconditional love and learning to trust, it is thoroughly charming. If you don't enjoy this movie, you must have a heart of stone.

Where Can I Watch Finch?

It seems that almost every new movie drops on Netflix these days. However, the only place you can currently watch FINCH is on Apple TV. Don't worry if you haven't got a subscription, as Apple will give you a Free 7-day trial. If you've recently purchased another Apple product, you could qualify for a three-month trial.

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