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Firefly Lane is the story of friendship over 30 years and all of the ups and downs that entails. With Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in the lead roles, it's watchable but definitely has some issues - I mean those wigs!

Starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke as two lifelong friends, Firefly Lane is an interesting show. I say that as somebody, who despite watching all 10 episodes, still doesn't know if she actually enjoyed it.

My friends loved it. They binged. They can't wait for season two. Me, well I'm more on the fence.

There is quite a lot to like but also too many little things that sort of spoiled the story.

What Is Firefly Lane About?

Let's start with what Firefly Lane is all about. It's based on the novel of the same name by Kristin Hannah.

The story revolves around two women who met and became friends as teenagers in the 1970's when they both lived on a street called Firefly Lane.

Tully Hart is a complicated go-getter who was largely neglected by her drugged-up hippie mother.

She moves to Firefly Lane and befriends Kate Mularkey, a quieter young girl from a fairly normal family.

Their relationship stands the test of time through high school, college, work, and well into adulthood. Tully becomes a very famous talk show host and Kate decides to give up work to be a stay-at-home mother.

So we meet them around 2004 when they are in their early 40's and Kate is on the brink of divorce and trying to get back into her career.

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Is Firefly Lane Worth Watching?

The problem is that is pretty much the story. It's the ups and downs of friendship and family over 30 years.

The issues I have with it are simple. Firefly Lane covers four periods in time, and it just doesn't stop bouncing between them. I don't think any two consecutive scenes are set in the same time period.

If they were filmed well it would almost be ok but trying to de-age the two leads by using tragically bad wigs, and some soft lighting just doesn't cut it.

Katherine Heigl's character, Tully Hart, is also quite unlikeable. There's always a sense that no matter what she has or how successful she becomes, she's just one second away from a full-out ‘single white female' moment and fully taking over her friend's life.

Despite this, there are some good things about Firefly Lane. The music is excellent as is Sarah Chalke who seems far more relatable and less contrived.

But as friendship and feel good stories go there are better shows like Firefly Lane.

Try Sweet Magnolias, Virgin River or Ginny and Georgia.


  • Excellent Soundtrack
  • Sarah Chalke Is Very Relatable


  • Terrible Wigs
  • Too Much Bouncing Between Timelines
  • Katherine Heigl Character Quite Unlikeable


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