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Taking the idea from the classic kids game, Floor Is Lava pits teams against each other as they try to navigate an obstacle-filled room while trying to avoid the lava, all to win $10,000.

We've all played the game, the Floor Is Lava. It's where kids jump from one piece of furniture to another and if they touch the ground they're out.

Now take that relatively simple concept and ramp it up Netflix style and you get the gameshow hit of the same name. Except there are no kids here. It's all adults, in groups of three, that tackle the crazy setup.

We are introduced to each team by the show's narrator, Rutledge Wood. They give us a brief rundown of who they are and why they think they'll be able to navigate the course.

Each of the first five episodes features a different room layout. The contestants must make their way from the entrance to the exit without falling in.

For each member of the team that manages to get across, they earn one point. Three teams compete in each episode and the team with the most points wins $10,000.

Simple. Not really though. The objects in Floor Is Lava are quite far apart and the lava is a red bubbling liquid that covers everything in goo making them very slippy.

Many of the obstacles require a lot of strength to get across and more than one contestant ultimately faces their demise and sinks into the lava.

Is Floor Is Lava Worth Watching?

In theory it's a really good game. In reality, it could probably have been done better.

The average time it takes a team to get across, or at least the first member, is about seven minutes, so it's short and sweet with each episode lasting about 30 minutes.

There are no real thrills and the only really good bits are when people fall in – sorry!

Some teams are more palatable than others but all are very in-your-face. One or two of the teams are so annoying you hope they all fall in!

All that said, it's great family viewing and kids will really get a kick out of it.

For comparison, Floor Is Lava is like Wipeout, but not as much fun.

Floor Is Lava Season 2 Release Date

If you've already binged season one, which let's be fair, isn't that difficult to do, and you liked it, then the good news is that season 2 is on its way.

Netflix has confirmed that their fun game show will be back on June 3rd 2022.

They promise that the second season of Floor Is Lava will be bigger and better than ever.

With bigger obstacles, higher stakes, and even hotter lava, the new season even has a huge and very slippery volcano that takes the competition to the next level!


  • Good Concept For A Gameshow
  • Solid Family Viewing
  • Kids Will Love It


  • Very Annoying Teams
  • Course Is Too Short
  • No Surprises


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