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Eve Hewson stars in Flora and Son, a beautiful movie that follows a young mother trying to keep her wayward teenage son out of trouble by engaging with him through music.

Apple TV+ seems to have a knack for creating music-based productions. Not necessarily documentaries, though there are quite a few of them on the platform, but more musically inspired films and TV series.

Flora and Son follows on from the likes of Mr Corman and Schmigadoon to give us a quiet and understated drama set in Ireland and starring Eve Hewson.

What Is Flora and Son About?

From writer-director John Carney, the movie features original songs by Carney and composer Gary Clark.

It follows the story of Flora (Eve Hewson, Bad Sisters), a young mother with a 14-year-old son. Things are not good for Flora. She had he child when she was still a teenager, is divorced from her husband, and generally lives on the breadline.

Her son, Max (Orén Kinlan), is in constant trouble with the Gardai and is dangerously close to actually serving some time in juvenile detention. The only thing that occupies his mind is his love of music.

When Flora gets him a beat up acoustic guitar for his birthday, he rejects it out of hand, so she decides to learn how to play herself. To do that, she enlists the help of an online tutor, Jeff (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Inception), a washed-up LA musician based in the US.

Over the next few weeks and months, Flora not only learns to play but grows close to Jeff, slowly falling in love despite the distance between them.

But when everything falls apart with Max, she must make some very tough decisions that will either save her family or ruin it completely.

Flora and Son Official Trailer

Is Flora and Son Worth Watching?

The thing about Flora and Son is that it is so understated that you could be forgiven for not even knowing it existed on Apple TV+.

Its release didn't come with much fanfare or marketing, but if you want a truly wonderful, uplifting movie that brings you on a journey of one woman's path to happiness, then this is what you should be watching.

Eve Hewson is absolutely magnetic as down-on-her-luck single mom Flora, who seemingly just doesn't know how to parent her rebellious teenage son.

She is a woman who gave up on her dreams and is now desperate to have some sort of life beyond Dublin. But more than all of that, she loves her son.

So what we get is the pull of LA and all its endless possibilities against the pull of her family and the needs of her child, leaving her stranded in the middle, trying to figure out how to make both work.

But it's the music and beautiful soundtrack that really elevates what could be a run-of-the-mill story into something truly beautiful.

If you were ever in doubt as to the transformative power of the musical mind, then Flora and Son does a great job of driving it home.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Flora and Son. It was wonderful to see an Irish movie devoid of all of the usual tropes that generally come with any movie set in the country.

With excellent performances, this is a music-fueled crowd-pleaser from John Carney (Sing Street) that will resonate long after the credits have rolled.

Cast Of Flora and Son Movie

Eve Hewson as Flora

Jack Reynor as Ian

Orén Kinlan as Max

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jeff

Don Wycherley as guard

Sophie Vavasseur as Juanita

Kelly Thornton as Heart


  • Eve Hewson Is Magnetic
  • The Story Telling Is Beautiful
  • Packed With Heart And Soul


  • Ending Could Have Given More Of A Resolution
  • A Little Cringey In Parts


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