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Four preschool moms with little in common need a night out to take a break from their kids. But one thing leads to another, and things get rowdy in this funny comedy that many parents will easily relate to. Think Bad Moms and you get the idea.

Fun Mom Dinner is a quirky comedy about four mums who meet up for dinner. While they're not exactly ‘besties', following an evening of craziness their relationships change as they all share the common ground of being ‘moms’. The madness begins with a quick whistle-stop tour of introductions to all four women. With chicken fillets in bras, vaping in the bath to escape the kids and a smattering of dealing with the puke and poo which comes with offspring, we get a glimpse of what these ladies go through.

Emily, played by Katie Aselton who also stars in The League (review here) is a new mom. She is part of the pre-school mom's ‘Happy Days' community. She enjoys the volunteering, cake making and coffee mornings of the mom's inner circle until politics hit. When mum of five, Kate, played by the versatile Toni Collette, gets invited to the dinner she takes great pleasure in telling the fierce, but funny, Melanie that she is ‘mommed out’ so won’t be sticking an apron on at a school event any time soon. Many will concur!

The night out proves to be full of antics including vajazzling, over-sharing on social media, expletives and smoking in the toilets. And they get caught by an over-confident kid. He manages to negotiate himself a free steak if he keeps schtum about the moms’ naughty exploits.

This is all going down whilst the stay-at-home dads are discussing the concept of the noun ‘fun’ which the moms seems so keen to flirt with during the film. Cue the men’s typical conversation about how easy it is to look after kids. Easy for about 10 minutes until things start to go a tad wrong with a missing ‘blanky’. Rewind to Tom’s previous statement that he is doing Emily a favour by ‘babysitting’ rather than her description of it – parenting – and the unification of parents worldwide is complete.

Fun Mom Dinner is fun for the moms over dinner so this part of the title fits perfectly. Personally, I think the fun is in short supply for the audience unless you’re a parent. The script is pretty predictable and screams ‘Bad Moms’ throughout. But if you’re a mom, the morning routine montage followed by the fun and games of the sisterhood, will pass 1 hour 22 minutes nicely.


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  1. Great review of a fun film all mums should watch


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