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If you’re a fan of Stephen King, then Gerald's Game from Mike Flanagan is exactly the type of dark psychological film you’ll enjoy.

The horror genre has seen its fair share of haunted houses and masked killers, but Mike Flanagan's adaptation of Stephen King's Gerald's Game breaks the mould by turning a single bedroom into an unforgettably horrifying setting.

Starring Carla Gugino in a career-defining role, the movie is a disturbing psychological horror. It delves deep into the human mind, grappling with trauma, vulnerability, and the will to survive.

Based on a premise that sounds almost banal, the movie takes unexpected turns that will leave viewers spellbound.

Yet it's not just about the thrills. It's an intricate character study, fleshed out with powerful performances and thought-provoking themes.

What Is Gerald's Game About?

Gerald's Game begins with a couple, Jessie (Carla Gugino) and Gerald (Bruce Greenwood), attempting to rekindle the spark in their marriage by spending a weekend in a secluded, isolated house.

With the intent of spicing things up, Gerald handcuffs Jessie to the bed. However, in a shocking twist, Gerald suffers a heart attack and collapses, leaving Jessie chained to the bed with no way to escape.

The situation goes from bad to worse as Jessie realises that help isn't coming anytime soon. As she remains shackled, unable to reach her phone or call for help, she begins to hallucinate and revisit traumatic memories from her past, including childhood abuse.

These hallucinations serve as both a torment and a guide, compelling her to confront her fears and find a way out of her dire situation.

While physically restrained, Jessie's mind becomes the playground for both her worst fears and her innate survival instincts. As hours turn into days, she faces the grim reality of dehydration and the looming threat of a stray dog that has found its way into the cabin.

She also contends with hallucinations of Gerald and a malevolent, spectral figure she calls “The Moonlight Man,” each one complicating her already dire situation.

How will she free herself? Can she even survive? Watch Gerald's Game to find out!

Gerald's Game Official Trailer

Is Gerald's Game Worth Watching?

Mike Flanagan is a master of his craft. He has brought us treats such as The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor and Midnight Mass. So how does Gerald's Game (2017), which he co-wrote with Jeff Howard, stack up?

Undoubtedly, the best thing about this movie is Carla Gugino's performance. She delivers a tour-de-force performance as Jessie, capturing the depths of her character's vulnerability, fear, and ultimately, her resilience.

She carries almost the entire movie on her shoulders, often acting against imaginary characters or a lifeless body, yet she brings an emotional gravitas that makes the film unforgettable.

Mike Flanagan's direction ensures that what could have been a one-note story evolves into a layered, psychological exploration.

The pacing, the visual cues, and the unfolding of backstory through hallucinations are done exquisitely.

And much to the delight of fans everywhere, it is a faithful yet creative adaptation of the Stephen King book, which is a relief.

Flanagan manages to remain faithful to the source material while adding his own touch. The movie retains the essence of the novella but translates it effectively for a cinematic experience.

All that said, it's not perfect and some hallucination sequences, while important for character development, could have been tightened. Plus I'm not sure about “The Moonlight Man” twist.

It adds an interesting layer but it feels somewhat tacked-on, disrupting the psychological coherence of the story for a more traditional horror element.

However, overall Gerald's Game is a classic horror that is perfect for fans of the genre.

Gerald's Game Movie Cast

Carla Gugino as Jessie Burlingame

Chiara Aurelia as Mouse (Young Jessie)

Bruce Greenwood as Gerald Burlingame, Jessie's husband

Carel Struycken as Moonlight Man

Henry Thomas as Tom, Jessie's father

Kate Siegel as Sally, Jessie's mother

Adalyn Jones as Maddie, Jessie's sister

Bryce Harper as James, Jessie's brother


  • Another Multi Layered Procduction From Mike Flanagan
  • Brilliant Cast
  • Carla Gugino Carries The Movie


  • Some Disturbing Scenes
  • Moonlight Man Can Feel Tacked On


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