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Ghosted follows Cole who plans a grand romantic gesture to fly to London and surprise Sadie, the girl he has just met, only to find out she is a CIA agent.

If it's Hollywood superstars you want, then you'll find them in Ghosted, the latest action film to hit Apple+.

Directed by Dexter Fletcher and starring Academy Award nominee Ana De Armas and Chris Evans, Ghosted is light-hearted, doesn't take itself too seriously and is packed with plenty of humour.

It's perfect for those who just want to watch something fun. But what is it all about and is it worth watching?

What is Ghosted About?

Sadie (Ana De Armas), a despondent but successful CIA operative, is on a break between missions. When she meets Cole, a needy but charming farmer and vendor, at the farmer's market, they hit it off and spend an amazing day together.

When Cole (Chris Evans) returns home, he texts Sadie but receives no response. His sister thinks Sadie is “ghosting” him due to his neediness, and he is convinced by his family to surprise her in London, tracking her down with an inhaler he left in her backpack.

However, Cole is kidnapped off the street by a group of arms dealers who think he is the ‘Taxman'. Taken to Pakistan, torturers try to extract a passcode from Cole with no idea that he isn't who they think he is.

Rescued by Sadie, it is only then that Cole makes the shocking discovery that she is a secret agent. With the backing of the CIA, the duo then work together to locate a disgraced French Intelligence agent named Leveque (Adrian Brody), who is in possession of a bio-weapon called “Aztec.”

Cue lots of action, car chases and tongue-in-cheek quips about dating, as the chase to get Aztec off the streets begins.

Can Cole and Sadie rekindle their love and start a real relationship? Or will their international adventure ruin any future they may have? Watch Ghosted to find out!

Ghosted Official Trailer

Is Ghosted Worth Watching?

The first thing you have to realise is that Ghosted is a fun movie that isn't going to set the action world on fire. In fact, it's as much of a comedy as anything else. Then again, it's written by the guys who brought you Deadpool, so that is to be expected.

Having previously starred together in Knives Out, both Evans and De Armas are familiar enough with each other that their chemistry is instant and believable. Seriously though, it's not hard to believe that these two gorgeous people might find each other attractive!

The first 20 minutes of the movie feel more like a romcom with laugh-out-loud, natural family conversations. The comedic chops in these scenes lie squarely at the feet of Lizze Broadway, who plays Mattie, Cole's sister.

As for the plot of the movie. There is one, and as convoluted as it is, it does allow for plenty of antics, and hilarious cameo appearances from the likes of Anthony Mackie, John Cho and Ryan Reynolds.

Otherwise, Brody plays a cliched villain, characters seem to be able to teleport internationally, have endless resources and enough money and always look amazing no matter the circumstances of the latest shoot-out or car chase.

But as I said before, it's a candyfloss but high octane action movie. Genre puritans will probably hate it but for everybody else, who just wants something fun to watch, it's a perfect date night film.

Ghosted Movie Cast

Chris Evans as Cole Turner who plans a grand romantic gesture for a second date by flying to London to surprise Sadie

Ana de Armas as Sadie Rhodes, a CIA agent who dates Cole but doesn't tell him what she really does for a job

Adrien Brody as Leveque, an ex-French operative who now deals on the black-market and is one of the bad guys Sadie must track down.

Mike Moh as Wagner, Leveque's right-hand man

Tate Donovan as Cole's dad

Amy Sedaris as Cole's mom

Lizze Broadway as Mattie Turner, Cole's sister

Mustafa Shakir as Monte Jackson

Anthony Mackie as the grandson of Sam

John Cho as the Leopard

Sebastian Stan as God

Ryan Reynolds as Jonas

Anna Deavere Smith as Claudia Yates, Sadie's boss in the CIA

Tim Blake Nelson as Borislov

Tiya Sircar as Patti

Marwan Kenzari as Marco


  • Light Hearted And Easy To Watch
  • Evans And De Armas Are Very Likeable
  • Some Really Funny Moments


  • Soooo Convoluted
  • Plot Holes Everywhere
  • Doesn't Know If It's A Spy Thriller Or Comedy


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