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Georgia Miller has recently become widowed and promptly moves her kids to middle-class Wellsbury to start a new life. But all is not what it seems and soon she has more problems than just her angsty teenage daughter to contend with.

Ginny & Georgia is the kind of show aimed at teens but with enough of a storyline to keep the adults who watch it entertained. Sort of. I am not a teen so my perspective is very different from all those who went crazy about it on social media.

Before I delve into my thoughts, I'll give you a quick recap of Ginny & Georgia, if you haven't already seen it. Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey) is a single mother with two children. After a very difficult upbringing, she got pregnant and had Ginny when she was 15.

Fast forward 15 years and she now also has a son and has recently become widowed. So with her southern drawl, she packs her bags and moves to Wellsbury, a middle-class town in New England. She promptly buys a house and promises it will be the last time she moves the family. So far so good.

The story continues as Ginny (Antonia Gentry) starts in her new school and makes friends, while Georgia wangles her way into a job in the Mayor's office. Soon she is dating the Mayor (Scott Porter) but all is not what it seems with Georgia.

Flashbacks to her early life show a young woman desperate to keep her daughter and willing to do anything to protect her – including what looks like committing murder and breaking the law quite a lot.

Because of that, a private investigator is on her trail trying to prove she killed her most recent husband. However, none of this is known to Ginny.

And it's her evolution in the show which has me scratching my head. She initially goes from a supportive daughter to one that demands to know every aspect of her mother's life.

Even when Georgia shares some of the more difficult parts of her childhood, none of which are actually any of Ginny's business, Ginny is still not content and goes rooting around for more info. She turns into a spoiled brat, high on the fact that she has finally attained some level of popularity at school. She becomes unlikable, quickly.

I appreciate that Ginny's life isn't exactly going to plan and in comparison to her friends such as Abby (Katie Douglas) she has had it a lot tougher. And the show does tackle that aspect really well.

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But from a parent's perspective, Georgia has done everything humanly possible to give her kids the life they have and so it's easier for me to empathise with her character.

Overall, I found the show frustrating. Maybe if I was younger I would be able to appreciate an angsty fifteen-year-old a bit more. As it is, I think Georgia was short-changed and I wouldn't be in any rush to watch season 2. But if you are then here's everything you need to know about Ginny and Georgia Season 2.


  • Plenty Of Twists In Georgia's Life
  • Brianne Howey Is Excellent In Her Role
  • Story Covers A Lot Of Modern Day Issues


  • Ginny Becomes A Little Entitled Very Quickly
  • A Lot Of Unresolved Plot Lines
  • Characters Can Be Frustrating


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