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Strap yourself in for a fast-paced wild ride around the racetrack. Can the new kid in town become the best racer in Western Australia? With all of the odds against him, Jack and his team must channel their skills to perfection to beat the rich kid Dean and become National Champion.

Go Karts is set in Busselton, Western Australia, where the go kart track is the place to be. The number one driver is the arrogant rich kid Dean Zeta. But, when the new kid in town, Jack Hooper tests his skills on the track, things are about to change. With the help of his friends and the guidance of an ex-pro driver, can Jack channel his raw talent to become the Go-Karts regional champion?

It's fair to say, that Go Karts is unashamedly taking the same formula as the Karate Kid. In fact, there are so many references to that story that it adds to the comedy element of the film. Instead of Mr. Miyagi, we have a deeply troubled mentor who forces Jack to carry out some very bizarre tasks to channel his focus and harness his skills. There's the predictable bully who the hero must defeat. Plus there's the love interest who Jack is desperate to impress. And the underlying theme is firmly focused on the underdog rising to the top against all of the odds. So, the result is a fun and fast-paced family film that has plenty of positive moral values.

Go Karts is very much targeted to a young audience. So the majority of the cast is young and let's say that the acting from some of the cast is not that great. But there are some solid performances that keep things on track. Frances O'Connor and Dan Wyllie, both do well with their roles. However, the highlight of the cast comes from Richard Roxburgh playing Patrick, the ex-pro driver, and mentor. He does a great job delivering the dry humor that weaves through the whole film.

All in all, Go Karts is just a great family film that is heaps of fun for everyone. Yes, it is incredibly predictable. But it is hugely entertaining in a nice innocent way. Plus the race scenes pack in some serious action that keeps the flow of the film moving along at a fantastic pace. If you are looking for a simple film for all the family to enjoy then Go Karts is just the ticket.


  • Great Racing Scenes.
  • Very Entertaining.
  • Excellent performance from Richard Roxburgh.


  • Very Predictable.


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