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Going For Gold

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Emma finds herself moving to Australia with her Dad who is an Air Force Officer. When the local gymnastics team get banned for the rest of the season Emma decides to form a cheerleading squad so they can still win the regional championships. If there's a worse film on Netflix I haven't found it!

Going For Gold is a kids movie that is available on both Netflix UK and the US. It follows seventeen year old Emma who finds herself moving to Australia with her Dad, an Air Force Officer. This is quite a regular feature of Emma's life as she has had to move around so often. Emma makes some friends only to discover that their gymnastics team have been banned for the rest of the season due to the meddling of a rival. Emma duly decides that she can teach them how to cheerlead so they can still compete and win the regional championships.

Queue the repeated montages of training and falling over until the squad has been whipped into shape. You get the idea of the film. Along the way Emma falls for a local guy who helps her with the squad. But when her father announces yet another move, Emma backs off both him and the squad. Of course this leads to a division in the team.

There really isn't much more to say about Going For Gold. It is the same as every other gymnastics/cheerleading teen movie ever made. And if you're a parent to tween girls then you've probably seen them all – unfortunately! The acting, the script and the plot are all terrible. And I mean they are truly AWFUL. The only good thing I can think to say is that my daughter bloody loved it. We will be having a chat later about her appalling taste in films.

If you're looking for a movie to keep a gaggle of girls quiet while you busy yourself watching paint dry then this is it. Other than that, there is no reason in the world why you should waste over an hour of your life on this nonsense. For something a lot better check out the Greenhouse Academy (review here) or Back Of The Net for teen sport drama.


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